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Self-Improvement Tips That Will Heal Your Relationships

By Alexander Pichkur / MindTrip Magazine

Many guys and girls want to know what a relationship between a guy and a girl should be, how to create and make them perfect and healthy so that no one and nothing can destroy them.

The problem of relationships between guys and girls is always relevant and it should be decided as soon as possible. So, here are self-improvement tips for building a healthy relationship.

1. Remain a leader

You must always remain a leader in relations and not give her the reins of government. A woman doesn’t need a henpecked man who will listen to her in everything and wait for her approval. She needs a strong and independent man. Although she aspires to take control over herself, you can’t allow this. Subconsciously, every girl wants to be controlled (and especially girls from a single chat). She doesn’t want to take on the male leadership role and make decisions. It doesn’t say that you have to be a tyrant and always dominate. No. You just don’t have to submit completely.

2. Everything needs a reasonable approach

You should choose the places for meetings, films that you will watch, drinks and so on. Sometimes you have to be persistent, even if your companion expresses discontent and pretends that she doesn’t like it. In fact, this behavior will tell her that you are a self-sufficient man and are not afraid to take matters for yourself.

3. Be a real man

Many girls get used that guys are literally ready on everything for the sake of them. In no case create the feeling that you are ready to tolerate anything for the sake of your chosen one. Show her your displeasure if she behaves unacceptably. Show her that she is not the ideal of your dreams. If she is late for a date every time, then do not be silent, say about it. The most important thing in a man is his strength and pride. Don’t allow yourself to be treated inappropriately. By this you will show her a lot.

MindTrip Magazine4. Give attention and compliments

All girls love to be praised. So, give attention and compliments. The most beautiful compliments to women are a real opportunity to raise their self-esteem and to make them enjoyable. Your relationship has to be filled with positive energy in order not to let in the flow of negative energy that destroys all families and relationships.

5. Take the initiative

In a relationship, you need to show your own initiative and start to change something, starting with yourself. Until you change for the better, your soulmate will not want to change. If you don’t like something, but you want to be together, change yourself for the better first and then your relationship will improve.

6. Keep in mind your main goals

Always remember that the main task of a man is to find resources. Allocate enough time to work and earn money. Continue to develop in different directions. Most often, all the failures are due to the fact that men spend too much time on their new girlfriends, forget about friends, study, work, self-development and so on. In the end, everything ends pitifully. Always remember: your girlfriend is not your whole life! This is only one aspect of your multi-faceted life. A girl should also understand this. You must continue to develop and interest your chosen one. Then everything will be fine.

7. Have sex

Sex and emotions are two important components of any relationship between a man and a woman. If you can’t give her pleasure, then don’t be surprised that someday she will find another man. Also, try to remember her behavior in bed: how much does she want you directly before the process? How often does she initiate sex? How often does she take the initiative in sex (new positions, etc.)? Answers to these questions may make you think.


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