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Ten Ways Holographic Creation is More Powerful than Visualization

By Christopher Westra

Creating reality in the moment is holographic creation. You can
also call it manifesting in holographic time. You create what
you want on a spiritual level (quantum level), and then it grows
until it becomes crystallized into physical reality.

All these ten comparisons between holographic creation and
visualization are based in the fact that there is no such thing as
time. As Robert Anthony said in the quote at the start of this
chapter, “The only moment is now”.

Note – Some people who are skilled at visualization are actually
doing holographic creation without knowing it. Visualization
(seeing detailed images) is part of holographic creation. This
chapter fully explains the differences between the two.

So when I speak of visualization, I’m talking about the limited
version of visualization as traditionally taught. Visualization is
very powerful for some people precisely because they
understand the deeper laws of holographic creation!
Now you have these keys to manifestation also!

1. Present vs. Future
Holographic creation is a present activity. You build your
creations in the present, not in the future. Your focus is truly in
the eternal now. Visualization is future-based.

Visualization is focused on a desired future, not on creating
something in the present.

2. Actual Creation vs. Pictures

Holographic creation is really creating something. Holographic
Creations are real entities. They are made of matter (just a
more refined matter – not visible to us now).

Visualization works with pictures. Visualizations are images,
and are not usually considered as having a real “existence”.

3. Permanent vs. Short Lived
A properly constructed holographic creation has the power of
permanence. They have continued existence after they are
created. They grow independently while you go on to do other

A visualization is short-lived. If all you are doing is visualizing,
your visualizations stop living and existing when you stop
visualizing. The picture disappears.

4. Multi-Dimensional vs. Two Dimensional

Holographic creation is at least four-dimensional. It is actually a
multi-dimensional process (more than four) but four is about all
we can understand while in this current time and space game.

Visualizations are two-dimensional. Visual images are merely
representations in our mind.

5. Inner World vs. Outer World

Holographic creation is focused on creation in the inner world of
thought, light, energy, and sound. In reality, it’s all energy. Youknow that the outer manifestation of your thought creations are
simply a natural result of the inner manifestation.

Visualization is focused on outer reality. The focus in
visualization is on the physical world, with little or no emphasis
on spiritual pre-creation.

6. Emotional Power vs. Detailed Images Only
Holographic creation uses emotion. You can only do
holographic creation if you properly use your emotions. You
actually feel the emotions you want to feel. The holographic
creation sheet helps because you have to actually write down
the name of the emotion.
You have to decide what emotion you want to feel – confident,
joyful, connected, and energetic, and feel the emotion in the
present moment!

Visualization doesn’t include emotion. Note - many promoters
of visualization have discovered the power of emotions and
added this to their visualizing program, which is a great plus.
Again – Millions of people have found visualization powerful,
and it can be. But millions of others have found no benefit. By
itself, visualization doesn’t include all the steps. Some find the
keys to effectiveness on their own, and some don’t.
Holographic creation contains all the elements, and that’s why
it’s so effective at creating what you want in life!

7. Gratitude vs. Grasping

Holographic creation uses gratitude to align your energies.
Proper gratitude is an inherent part of holographic creation.
Gratitude aligns your energies with the inner world and allows
you to manifest in an easy manner.
When you decide to create something good in your life, you
must be grateful for what you already have in that area of your
life. Trying to manifest from a state of total dissatisfaction with
your life (ingratitude) is not effective. It also doesn’t reflect the
reality of the many blessings you do have.

In visualization there is no emphasis on gratitude. Most often in
visualization there is simply wanting, craving, and grasping with
no thankfulness for present blessings.
You can find things to be grateful for in any area of your life.
The holographic creation sheet makes you find these areas
because you have to write it down!

8. Hope vs. Doubt

Holographic creation generates amazing hope and confidence.
When your energies are aligned, and you absolutely know you
are creating in the inner reality, you feel so good! You can feel
your creations growing and crystallizing into the “denser”
physical reality.

Hope is a full expectation of desirable things to come. With
holographic creation, you have this full expectation.
Visualization works somewhere between doubt and hope. Most
people who practice visualization hardly have that “full
expectation” that the things they are visualizing will really
become reality.

9. Welcoming vs. Needing
Holographic creation leads to a relaxed welcoming of desires.
There is a divine unconcern that is an integral part of

HoloCreation naturally produces this mental state. You have
confidence because you know the reality of inner creation. This
relaxed state leads to peace, oneness, patience, and effective
action.Visualization usually stems from a needing, grasping desire.
Because there is no work in inner reality, there is often a fear
that what one desires will not come to pass. This fearful
needing leads to discontent, impatience, hurry, and frantic

10. Always Works vs. Sometimes Works
Holographic creation always works. The laws of manifesting
physical creation through prior holographic (spiritual) creation
always work. You just have to learn the laws and practice the

Visualization sometimes has great results. When visualization
“works”, it’s because the individual is naturally and intuitively
including many of the elements of holographic creation. Their
results will improve by understanding the principles in a
conscious way.

About the author: Christopher Westra is the author of "I Create Reality: How to Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires." Learn more at

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