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How to Use "Magic"

By Adrian Cooper, Author of Our Ultimate Reality

Many people will have heard of "Magic". We should note straightaway however that by true Magic as practiced from time immemorial we do not mean the stage illusionists, prestidigitators, conjurors and other such people from the areas of stage entertainment, but rather Magic in its very truest, very highest and most sacred form.

Magic is in reality a sacred science, the word "Magic" originating from the "Magi" who fully understood and applied natural Universal laws in order to bring about effect that many might consider to be miraculous.

The practitioner of true Magic understands, aligns him or herself with, and makes full and proper use of Universal laws in order to manifest the desired results in whichever plane of existence the desired result is to be experienced.

People often erroneously associate Magic with occult practices, sorcery and witchcraft for example, but even this is not Magic in its truest and highest form. This is not to say of course that sorcery, witchcraft and similar types of "magic" are not effective, because they most certainly can be and often are, depending on the powers of the practitioner.

The Universe does not recognise human labels, but only Cause and Effect by virtue of Universal laws and the influence of the Energy from which everything has been created and has its being.

Sorcery and witchcraft are often performed by utilising some Universal laws that result in the influence of Energy in the desired direction, by means for example of spells, rituals and other series of actions, but often without the practitioner ever being fully aware of what Universal forces are involved or how they are being applied. The most powerful true Magic is when the practitioner fully and consciously aligns him or herself with, and makes the fullest possible use of Universal laws, powers of the Magi.

What most people consider to be "Magic", and again we are not referring to stage Magic, could more properly be referred to as "manifestation". Manifestation is in the broadest terms the use of the imagination in order to manifest the object of the imagination into physical reality in accordance with Universal Laws and is the fundamental basis for all creation.

In the case of witchcraft, sorcery and similar practices practitioners often make use of spells, rituals and other regalia such as candles, swords, athame’s and much more, in order to provide the focus, intent and Energy required for the object of the imagination, usually by creative visualisation, to manifest into the material world. As we will see later, it is most certainly not at all necessary to practice witchcraft or sorcery in order to manifest into the physical world, these are quite simply age-old traditions that are still carried on today.

Highly focussed and directed energy has magical power

One of the most important aspects of successful manifestation is highly focussed and concentrated Energy in the form of thought or imagination. Indeed, the more Energy behind a manifestation the sooner it can materialise into the physical world as an observable reality.

Very often, spells and rituals are only carried out once, meaning the chances of success are more variable and in accordance with the expertise of the focus, concentration and expertise of the practitioner. Magic, or more specifically manifestation can therefore be accomplished by anyone without requiring any form of occult, esoteric or mystical practices to be performed in order to be successful. Indeed, such practices can sometimes lead to frustration with the accompanying lack of observable results. Anyone at all can manifest and create any reality for themselves by fully understanding and applying natural Universal Laws utilising the simple, enjoyable and effective exercises that will be detailed later in this book.

Finally a word of caution; all your thoughts, imaginations and creative visualisations must only be for the purposes of good, either for yourself or for other people.

Never, ever be tempted to use these powers to harm another person. If you do, the Universal law of Cause and Effect, of which karma is an integral aspect will most surely operate against you, and either in this or a future life you will have to pay the price. This is not intended to be a system of punishment as such as with a court of law.

The simple fact of the matter is that every cause has its corresponding effect, positive, negative or neutral, and karma is no more than the causation of the Law of Attraction that ensure that no being can be the cause of anything negative without experiencing the corresponding effect. Note that we use the word "experiencing" rather than "suffering".

Everyone is here to experience and to evolve and not to suffer which is a human construct based on a perception relative to self and the ego. The Universe operates under the influence of the most powerful force in the Universe, Unconditional Love, and that applies to every aspect of human evolution, and indeed the evolution of the entire Universe and all Beings, all expressions of God.

Providing always that your thoughts, intentions, Energy, imaginations and creative visualisations are always only for the purposes of good and for genuine needs, and not based in greed, in other words will not bring harm to others in the process, only good will surely result, and your needs and desires will be fulfilled without karmic consequences.

Our Ultimate RealityAdrian Cooper is the author of "Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind"

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