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How to Practice Creative Visualization

By Adrian Cooper
Creator of the Mind Power Studio

Learning to visualise effectively and at will is an extremely worthwhile ability. Visualisation is an aspect of the imagination which can not only be used in the process of maintaining full control over every aspect of your life, but as previously mentioned can also be used very effectively to manifest your desires, to heal yourself, to protect yourself from harmful psychic influences, and much, much more.

Also, and most importantly, these abilities can also be used in the same way for the benefit of loved ones and others.

Imagination is a major power behind all creation in the Universe, both in the Macrocosm and the microcosm. Everyone will use these abilities as a completely natural aspect of life in the much lower density of the inner worlds after passing on from the physical world.

Learning to visualise effectively, as with most worthwhile abilities, requires time to be set aside, preferably each and every day. Ten minutes each day will suffice to start with, but as you progress, thirty minutes each day would be much more beneficial. Any spare time during the day can be used to practice creative visualisation as well as other valuable abilities.

To begin these exercises first of all obtain five household items of your choice, such as a fruit, a cup, a pen, a spoon, a coin; any such items will suffice; it is preferable however if they are all of a distinctly different shape and colour.

Start the exercise by attaining a good state of physical and mental relaxation in a place where you can concentrate and will not be disturbed. It is best to sit upright on a hard kitchen type chair without leaning against the backrest of the chair; this will enable you to achieve the necessary state of relaxation, concentration and focus, with your spine completely straight, without falling asleep. For these reasons lying on a bed or reclining in an armchair are most certainly not advisable.

Set out your four chosen items in front of you. Now fix your eyes on the first of these objects and memorise it in as much detail as you possibly can, including shape, colour, texture, patterns and any other significant details.

Next close your eyes and recall the object in your imagination in as much detail as possible. The objective is to visualise the object in your Mind as clearly or even clearer than it appears to your physical sight. You might well find that when first starting these exercises the object will frequently fade from your imagination; if this happens simply use as much will power and concentration as necessary to recall the object back into your imagination. You will soon find that after time and practice the object will disappear and reappear increasingly less frequently until finally you can maintain a solid and realistic image for any length of time, visualising the object just as it appears to your physical sight.

Should you become tired practicing with one object, move straight onto the next object and repeat the visualisation exercise. It is very important to remain as relaxed as possible while maintaining each visualisation for as long and realistically as you can; there is nothing to be gained however by over-tiring yourself. Although these exercises might seem to be quite difficult to start with for some people, as with gaining any worthwhile ability it is extremely important to persevere; these are extremely valuable abilities as will become readily apparent to you.

The objective of these exercises is to maintain an image of your chosen item with total, absolute realism, just as it would appear to your physical sight, for at least five continuous minutes without it fading from your Consciousness. When you have achieved this with your first four chosen objects, select another four objects and repeat the exercises until you achieve the same results.
For the next stage of these exercises, rather than starting with four physical objects, recall any object or scene of your choice from memory and visualise it with as much realism as possible. This might for example be a household item, something in your garden, or perhaps a favourite location or person; it really does not matter what image you select providing you can readily bring it to Mind, retain it in your Mind and become emotionally involved with it.

Having attained as clear an image as possible in your Mind from memory of your chosen object, person or scene, once again endeavour to maintain the image as it would appear to your physical senses for a full five minutes without it fading from your imagination. When you can maintain any image vividly in your Mind with total realism for a full five minutes, then this part of the visualisation exercises is complete.

The final stage of these exercises is to visualise objects with your eyes open. It doesn't matter which objects you choose for this purpose although it is better to start with the objects previously visualised with your eyes closed.

To commence, with your eyes open imagine, as realistically as possible, your object suspended in the air, standing on a shelf, on a table, or anywhere else of your choice. Your object must appear to be every bit as solid and real as the original physical object, so much so in fact that you feel that you feel you can actually reach out and touch it. There must be absolutely no doubt whatsoever as to the complete realism of your visualised object as it is suspended in the air, or standing on a solid object such as a shelf or table. This exercise is complete when you can maintain in your imagination your visualisation of any object, in any location, with your eyes open for a full five minutes.

Please also read "How Creative Visualization Works"

Written by Adrian Cooper, creator of the Mind Power Studio, which includes everything you need to create any reality for yourself, attracting everything you could possibly need, desire or wish for.

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