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Hypnotised Woman Gives Birth Pain-free

A woman giving birth shunned conventional pain relief in favour of being hypnotised

Source: The Telegraph

When Louise Walker, 30, went into labour with baby Harrison she employed Paul Hazell, hypnotherapist, to put her into a trance.

Mrs Walker, of Hull, East Yorks., said: "I am the biggest sceptic. I thought I would need all the pain relief going but I was gobsmacked when I didn't have any at all.

"I was crying with the pain, but as soon as he started, I felt really relaxed. When the contractions came, there was hardly anything."

Hypnosis involves a change of consciousness, where a person moves into a natural state of mind, and physical, emotional and mental relaxation.

Mrs Walker gave birth at the Jubilee Birth Centre in Hull last weekend. She was told by Mr Hazell, owner of the Hypnotherapy Clinic, to remember a time in her life when she "felt good about herself".

She recalled her wedding to her husband Gareth, a police officer.

Mr Hazell said: "Louise was struggling really bad with the pain but I hypnotised her within a few minutes.

"She knew everything that was going on, but I was talking to her subconscious."

Louise underwent the hypnotherapy while she was in a birthing pool, but did not give birth to her son Harrison, 7lbs 8oz, for almost four hours.

Expectant mothers can attend prenatal hypnotherapy courses, which includes listening to CDs but it is very rare for a hypnotherapist to actually visit a woman during labour.

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