Hand-Free Orgasms through Hypnotism

Language of DesireWarning: Graphic sexual matter ahead...

Writers Laurie Jade Woodruff, 30, and Georgette Culley, 32, share their experience with an online erotic hypnotherapist who claims he can bring women to a climax just by speaking

By Laurie Jade Woodruff
and Georgette Culley /
The Sun UK

Hands-free used to be how to use your phone while driving – but according to online hypnotherapists, it’s the new way to orgasm.

One American man says he can bring women to climax in 25 minutes simply by speaking into their ear, telling them to “obey” as he puts them in a “sexual trance”.

The erotic hypnotherapist, who goes by the name CG Hypnosis online, says: “I can give a stranger an orgasm just from my voice, my control and my hypnosis — that’s an amazing feeling.

“Erotic hypnosis is a sub-genre of hypnosis. It is to derive erotic and sexual pleasure from hypnosis.

“You get aroused when you daydream, that’s essentially the part of you I’m tapping into. Instead of you guiding it, I’m guiding it.

“Hypnosis is a way of tapping into the brain. If you tap your finger, your brain knows how that feels.

“I bypass the finger actually touching you. I tell your brain to feel that feel pleasure.”

But can this hands-free approach really work?

Two writers slip on some headphones and put it to the test for us.

Yes, yes, yes!

Author and single mum Laurie Jade Woodruff, 30, from Chesterfield says she had a “full body orgasm” from going hands-free. She says:

I wasn’t expecting erotic hypnosis to work. I understand hypnosis and the results it can produce, but to bring you to a sexual climax in 25 minutes without any physical stimulation? I wasn’t convinced.

The man starts with the “deepener” – a process where the hypnotist takes you into a deep state of relaxation to open up your unconscious mind.

He encouraged me to let all thoughts drift away, adding: "Nothing matters but me and you, all you have to do is obey."

Focus then turned to my breathing – deep, slow breaths designed to rid my body of tension and lead me into a deeper psychological state where I’m more open to arousal.

He demanded I listened to his voice and let it "consume me" as he put me into a hypnotic state, promising it would be a "pleasurable experience".

He told me what a good girl I was and that he was controlling my nether regions. He asked me to call him Master and to follow all of his commands.

Then he told me in detail what he was doing to me and ordered me to become more and more aroused. It was very, very sexy.

It’s difficult to remember what happens under trance – after all, that’s the whole point of hypnosis – you’re basically unconscious.

I fell completely under his spell and was so deep in trance it felt like a dream.

I remember feeling totally controlled and dominated, submissive to this man’s American tones, telling me I couldn’t come until he allowed me to.

He told me what he wanted me to visualise and think about and performed various verbal sex acts on me, which he ordered me to imagine him doing.

He described how he was using his fingers to touch me intimately . . .  followed by his tongue. It was unbelievably pleasurable.

His voice remained low and sexy and the build-up was long, slow, and seductive – what woman doesn’t want that during sex?

The hypnotist used lots of visualisations and there was an S&M vibe to it, with him very much The Dominant.

After 22-and-a-half minutes he “allowed” me to climax – and I did, big time.

I couldn’t believe it – it wasn’t just a normal orgasm either. It was a full body orgasm – one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced.

No, no, no!

SUN writer Georgette Culley, 32, from Tooting, South London, who is in a relationship, found the erotic tones did not give her a happy ending. She says:

A low, husky voice says: “You’ll feel yourself getting more aroused. You’ll feel waves upon waves of pleasure that wash over your body. But you can not climax until I tell you to.”

I’m lying on my bed, the lights are low and an American stranger is talking dirty to me.

I am sceptical but I know it is not out of the realms of possibility as research shows women can be turned on through mental stimulation whereas men need physical contact and visual images to get going.

Now the hypnotherapist is channelling Christian Grey as he tells me to “obey” him and repeatedly calls me a “good girl”.

Although it is not to be confused with audio pornography, I feel like I am listening to an S&M role play – only I am the subject matter.

I have to giggle when he orders me to climb into a “bed of trance”. It is a surreal moment and I feel more silly than sexy.

What’s more, he sounds like an American Nick Knowles and I can’t help but picture the DIY SOS star in the red budgie smugglers he wore in I’m A Celeb.

As the audio goes on, his tone becomes lower, more authoritarian, dirty and dominating.

He commands me to “buck” my hips and calls me “good girl” when I oblige.

He describes in graphic detail how my anatomy is feeling but demands I do not climax until he tells me to.

Suddenly I am no longer laughing. Instead, I am in a state of relaxation as he sweeps me along in this sexual fantasy.

As the seconds roll by and his demands become dirtier, I feel myself becoming more aroused and experience a tingling sensation below the waist.

But there’s something niggling me. Who exactly is this man? He is not vetted and is completely anonymous online.

After 20-something minutes he clicks his fingers and demands I climax. Although I feel aroused I don’t have a happy ending.

Like most women, I think I need a little helping hand to get over the finish line.

For me, 25 minutes isn’t that practical for busy women. There are quicker and more traditional ways to get there.


Language of Desire


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