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8 Ways to Become a Luckier Person

It is my belief that luck is something that you can create, rather than there are just lucky and unlucky people in the world.

If you would like to believe the latter, no need to read further. You can just continue with your old expressions: "I have bad luck" or "Nothing good ever happens to me" or "Good things only happen to other people." And that is what you will continue to create.

However, if you are ready to change your luck, by doing a few simple techniques, which can be significantly amplified through the power of hypnosis; allowing these ideas to penetrate your subconscious mind, then do read on.

Let me begin by making a basic distinction between luck and chance. Chance is something that is unpredictable; those events that just happen at random in the world. However, the moment you are exposed to chance and it has an emotional impact on you, (i.e. it makes you happy, elated, joyful, peaceful, or some other positive emotion) chance becomes good luck.

Luck then is your ability to take advantage of chance. And the amount of chance encounters that are happening all around us are unlimited ... you just have to be able to see them and act upon them.

Two components to increasing your luck are:

  • Increasing your luck probabilities, by becoming an attractive force for luck to find you …
  • Making the right decisions when a chance is in front of you.

8 Ways to Become a Luckier Person

Here are 8 ways to become a luckier person. Luck is something you create and attract. If you will simply focus on each of these areas for one week each, can you not see how you luck would dramatically improve?

1. Get Ready for Luck
Become more prepared, alert and aware of all those many chance opportunities that ordinarily are available to you that you weren’t able to recognize before.

2. Create Mental Alertness
There are an abundance of chance encounters that will come your way. Learn exactly how to make use of them. Create the ability to sharpen your mind and to become more mentally alert with razor-sharp thinking. Make quick and intelligent decisions. Have the ability to act upon information and ideas immediately.

3. Practice Generosity
The practice of generosity attracts luck. Find creative and imaginative ways of improving yourself and to become a more understanding person. Have the confidence to be a good friend toward others, including those whom you did not know before. Improve your attitude and project good positive vibes toward others and you will have pulled more lucky situations into your life than ever before.

4. Get in touch with your Desire
There is nothing in the world that is more attractive to luck than your desire. Find something inside of yourself that you feel very passionate about. That is in alignment with all of your values. There is a desire that is one of the many infinite combinations of all desires that is so special and so specific to you as an individual. Your likeliness of creating luck grows as you are able to touch upon and hone in on those few very meaningful desires that mean the most to you.

5. Increase your Intuition
Of course it stands to reason that intuition plays a huge role in the luck you have in your life. If you are able to tune into that inner voice that tells you that something is good or something is bad you will greatly improve your luck. Enhance your intuition by going into meditation or hypnosis on a daily basis and pay attention to your thoughts your feelings and all of your senses. The more you are able to tune into and trust your intuition the more success you are going to have in all areas of your life, especially concerning your luck.

6. Undo Past Bad Luck
Think about various situations in your life that could have turned out lucky for you, where in hindsight as you look back on these situations, had you acted differently, it would have been lucky for you. Now, reply the seen in your mind, having acted in the way you would have and experience the feeling of that new experience, allowing it to leave an emotional impact on your subconscious mind, thereby created a new path your subconscious mind will now take in the future. Your subconscious will help direct your thinking in news ways based upon the learning that you integrate through that feeling state.

7. Create a Luck Anchor
Create an emotional anchor, charged with the vibration of luck. When you are feeling low or your energy is low you are vibrating at a low frequency. The law of attraction simply states, like attracts like, hence, when you are vibrating at a low frequency you are only going to bring about things in your life that are vibrating at an equally low vibration. Think about the things that make you feel good, things are on a high vibration plane. When you are feeling good; your energy vibration is simply going to attract more of the things that are in alignment with your energy … Anchor this feeling in by squeezing your thumb and forefinger together. Now, whenever you need to access this resourceful state you are going to create, you then whenever you press your thumb and forefinger together and you will feel all those wonderful feelings.

8. Morning Luck Meditation/Affirmations
It’s a good idea to begin the day on a positive note, to open you up to an awareness of potential lucky situations and to simply feel like you are a lucky person throughout the day. The first thing you will do every morning before getting out of bed repeat these affirmations:
o Today will be filled with all sorts of lucky opportunities
o I am a lucky person
o I experience luck in my life daily
o I am learning how to create more luck
o I attract good fortune
o My intuition is increasing and guiding me toward luck
o I feel my luck is changing for the better
o I am in the right place at the right time
o I enjoy new encounters which increase my chances of luck
o Today could be the luckiest day of my life

Now, if you want a MUCH easier way to do what I have just described, guess what, YOU'RE IN LUCK! That's right, through the use of programming these concepts and ideas into your subconscious mind; these ideas can grow and expand within you in a much faster and more effective way than simply willing yourself to take these kinds of actions in your life.

All 8 techniques are available in one hypnosis CD set. Each technique induces you in to a wonderfully relaxed state of focused awareness; otherwise called hypnosis. And will guide you to becoming the lucky person you wish to become, every step of the way.

Ask yourself:

* Do I believe my luck can change?
* What do I imagine I could have if I had better luck?
* How much happier would I be if I found a way to have more luck?
* Am I ready to have more now?
* Am I worth it?
* What am I waiting for?

Good Luck Hypnosis
It is my belief that luck is something that you can create, rather than there are just lucky and unlucky people in the world. so, I have put together several sessions that are designed to help you to become a luckier person. So, I have put together 8 sessions, all designed to help you become a luckier person. You will learn that Luck is something you create and attract. And this program tells you exactly how to do it. Click here for more details.


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