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Does Hypnotic Weight Loss 'Surgery' Really Work?

By Pat Ferguson / Source: HamptonRoads.com

Hypnotic motivational guru, Paul McKenna swears he can help 7 out of 10 people achieve sustainable, permanent weight loss through the power of hypnosis.

Dr. Oz recently interviewed McKenna, presented compelling testimony from his followers who swear by the outcome: After eating only a small portion of food, the feeling of fullness followed by some nausea and pain (akin to bypass surgery) were common occurrences for those who went through hypnotic therapy for weight loss.  
According to McKenna, "This procedure is real new... we'll have to see what the long term effects are." The most powerful part of hypnosis is centered on the power of "suggestion".

"When they change on the inside they change their behavior on the outside" is the simple answer to why hypnosis seemingly works for some. McKenna even has a way to accelerate a slow metabolism through the power of suggesting pleasant and desirable thoughts while linking those thought to some form of physical exercise. 

Through touching the thumb and finger together, he leads you through a simple procedure of thinking about doing something you like and associating it to increasing physical exercise. "That alone, increases metabolism" according to McKenna. (Hmmm... I guess so, but there's no real evidence that has shown if the brain alone can increase the metabolism through simply thinking the thought versus disciplining the body to perform the activity itself). I'd bet a lot of "exercise haters" just love this idea!
Is it something more or is hypnosis really "the" answer? What is common about what McKenna is suggesting is one thing: Behavioral change is a key component to permanent change. 

Lap bands, gastric bypass surgery and fad dieting only have one thing in common: Temporary fixes and controlled behavioral consequences that will not last if you don't do the work and discipline your eating and exercising regiment.

You simply cannot force your body into changing when you've not committed your behavior to follow suit. They may help you to start along the path to recovery (and some will need that start), but they never will replace behavior or permanently control it. Hypnosis might help you "change" your way of thinking, but behavior modification therapy, prayer, meditation and self discipline (learning to say no), along with educating yourself to know more about nutrition can do just as much.

Quick Tips for Wellness: There are no shortcuts to permanent weight loss. Do the work and enjoy the journey! 

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