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Source: IlluminatiOfficial.org

Fear not for your war-stricken, poverty-ridden planet.

You are safe. Help is on the way.

Your prosperity is the core objective of our Universal Design. The path for humanity has spanned throughout ages to ensure the survival and prosperity of the human species.

By birthright, you are entitled to its benefits.

War is a liar who claims there isn’t enough land, isn’t enough wealth, isn’t enough food for all people, in all places, to live in Abundance.

Its lies have claimed many, leaving starvation, poverty, murder, and death in the wake of a planet rich enough for all, but hoarded by the few.

A different age is upon us.

Know that your oppressors have numbered days. Know that poor and wealthy, weak and powerful, small and great will soon cease to exist.

Fear not for the bursting sounds that echo across your red horizons. Prepare your life for the light that grows steadily brighter in the distance.

As the dawn comes to rid your battlefields of darkness, the age of Illuminatiam will begin.

Fear nothing.

We are always watching out for you.

[Editor's Note: We are posting this for entertainment purposes only! Please do not join this group… there is only one way into a secret society and you didn’t make it.]


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