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Top 6 Ways to Improve Mental Energy

By Anna Brecken

Are you one of those that have to wake up day to day to do those routines that most of us hate? Things like, waking up, eating your breakfast in a hurry, face those people you don’t want to see at work, go home and eat, sleep, and then, repeat! Such scenarios I’m telling you will be the same until we die. Life must be cursed, but undeniably, it looks like it is.

This repetitive cycle often drains not only our physical energy but most importantly our mental energy. Sometimes we reach the point where even our mind just won’t work. Before you get addicted to such state, here are helpful ways to improve mental energy.

Stimulate your mind

One of the most helpful ways to improve mental energy is simply by stimulating it. You don’t need any other stimulant outside yourself; you can simply put your mind to work by doing this. Before you get off your bed and start burning your physical energy, stimulate your mind first and see your mental energy improve the whole day.

Get involved in brain training

Aside from stimulation, actual mental training is also a very helpful way to improve your mental energy. This involves giving your brain a workout by doing a lot of mind games that actually help your dead brain cells move a little bit. Brain training infuses energy into your brain by channelling every possible wasted energy into your mind.

MindTrip MagazineConsume adequate amount of water

Another one of those helpful ways but are often taken for granted simply by consuming an adequate amount of water. Our body needs it, and so does our brain. Most of us often get tired due to the fact that we substitute water with a lot of unhealthy drinks. This is one of the best and easiest ways as well to keep your mental energy levels high.

Expose yourself to sunlight

If you are a person who had to be in the office all day and can’t even stand up from your office chair for you to grab a bite, then it’s most likely that your mental energy levels are low. A study shows that people who are exposed most of the time to sunlight actually have higher metal energy levels than those who are not. So, the next time you have to be in that office chair again, give yourself a break, keep calm, and expose yourself to sunlight.

Gum chewing can increase alertness

Another simple tip that you can do even when you are working is gum chewing. Recent finds were pretty evident that those who are chewing gum had evident increased alertness compared to those that do not. So, if you are a student and have to sit in your chair and listen to boring discussions all day, you may use this simple tip and be amazed at the results.

Try some supplements

The last point that I would like us to deal with is the existence of nootropics in the world of medicine today. These are drugs that improve cognitive function and thus increase mental energy overall. You may try those five other tips I’ve pointed out, but if for some reason none of those work, then you may succumb to trying some of these drugs. They are proven safe and effective, just be sure not to take in too much, or you won’t be able to get enough good sleep at night.


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