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Top 20 Pointless Quotes from Gene Simmons of KISS

By Mike Ayers / Source: Wall Street Journal

Even if you’re not a full-fledged member of the KISS Army, by virtue of being alive makes it so you know who Gene Simmons is. And the bassist/branding expert wants to help you become more like Gene and so he’s done what any self-made billionaire would do: Write a book and sell it to you for $26.99.

Me, Inc.: Build an Army of One, Unleash Your Inner Rock God, Win in Life and Business is chock full of Gene-isms – so much so, you literally can turn to any page, pick a random sentence and likely find potent words of wisdom. It’s also packaged to look exactly like a bible, so in case you had any doubts, this was written by a legit Rock God.

The book isn’t perfect. Simmons repeatedly warns those looking for a politically correct tome to go elsewhere. There’s a section all about why you need to learn English, and constant disclaimers such as “I apologize to any whose feelings I have hurt, but it’s called business, not friends.” But for the most part, he’s just trying to light a fire under those of us with big dreams of big money.

Here are 20 nuggets from Me, Inc. unleashed in their full, context-free glory:

“You need to eat, but you don’t really need to eat filet mignon every night or buy bottles of champagne at a thousand a pop.”

“Better to discuss everything out in the open while you’re in love, then if or when the relationship sadly ends. It’s called Full Disclosure Before The Fact.”

“Ladies, first and foremost: you’re on your own. No more rules neatly laid out for you to follow. You have to make up YOUR OWN rules.”

“Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from trying in the first place. Most baseball swings sound like this: “Swoosh.” But, if you swing enough, you will hit some of the balls.”

“Let’s say you’re a garage mechanic, and you have big dreams about opening up your own chain of branded garages around the country. Terrific.”

“If you choose to become a smoker, you are an idiot, and you may lack the discipline and intelligence to be a successful entrepreneur.”

“Your date will not be impressed by you throwing up on her brand-new shoes, as you spout poetic babblings that are meaningful only to you.”

“There are many really stupid ideas that wind up being brilliant, if you can implement them.”

“If you look at YOURSELF as the brand, then you will understand an intrinsic truth: People judge.”

“If you’re a man in your twenties or thirties, and you have yet to make your fortune, I would urge you not to get married.”

“Get rid of the friends who want you to spend your whole day doing nothing with them. They’re not your friends. They’re your enemies.”

“If a vacuum cleaner salesman rings your front door, he will be selling HIMSELF first. The vacuum cleaner is secondary.”

“You and I and everyone else have the attention span of gnats. And that means that saying or doing anything once simply doesn’t work.”

“The problem you ultimately want to have, as an entrepreneur, is deciding who to help, not deciding who can help you.”

“Wealth for its own sake is an empty shell. Wealth that includes making other people’s lives better will reward you even more than the beautiful mansion you live in.”

“Unless you took courses in architecture, engineering, or pre-med, the rest of your liberal arts education hardly prepares you for life as the business warrior and champion you envision yourself to be.”

Me, Inc.“It’s better to be an octopus than a fish. If an octopus loses a tentacle to a predator, the octopus will survive with seven tentacles left for itself.”

“No one has the right to shake his finger in your face.”

“I would recommend you watch the movie Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher, if you don’t have time to read Jobs’s biography.”

“Once you’ve spent money, you will never see it again.”

Me. Inc. is available at Amazon.


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