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Keanu Reeves Sees Dead People

By John Millar
Sunday Mail UK

In an eerie echo of movie The Sixth Sense, Keanu Reeves says he can 'see dead people'.

The Hollywood star revealed his ghostly experiences in a remarkable interview about his new supernatural thriller, Constantine.

When we meet in Los Angeles for the launch of the movie, Keanu tells me he has seen ghosts on at least two occasions.

As he notices I'm goggle-eyed, he asks where I'm from - and, when I say Scotland, he laughs and says: 'My God, man, that's full of ghosts! You gotta walk on the moors at a certain time.'

Maybe the rest of us are just not as sensitive as Keanu, who details two vivid examples.

Once, he was lunching with a friend in Austin, Texas, looked round and saw a ghost appear behind him.

He recalls: 'I said: 'Did you see that?' And she said: 'Yes.' 'But that was different from when I was five. I was sitting onmy bed, my sister was asleep and our nanny was there - and through the doorway came this white double-breasted suit.

'No body and no legs - just a suit. And then it disappeared.'

He doesn't regard the experiences as terribly special, saying: 'I've known many people who have seen ghosts and told ghost stories.'

That may be why he was so comfortable taking on the role of exorcist John Constantine in his latest film, based on the cult comic book series Hellblazer. Even though he is dying, Constantine investigates supernatural mysteries and battles the forces of Satan.

He stars with half-Scottish Bush singer Gavin Rossdale and Rachel Weisz, who plays a psychic police detective trying to discover the truth behind her sister's death.

It's a dark tale Keanu has wanted to bring to the screen for years.

He was initially approached about making this movie when he was in the middle of The Matrix trilogy.

But in some parts of the world it appears that Constantine is too hot to handle. The film has been banned in Brunei because of the way it depicts God and Satan.

Keanu, though, had no qualms over controversial material. 'I relate to John Constantine,' he says.

'I love his humour. He's dying and he gives the finger to the Devil. I also liked his anger. I could relate to that. It reminded me of school.'

Keanu - his name is Hawaiian and means 'cool breeze over mountains' - left home in Toronto for Hollywood when he was only 20.

His role as supercool hero Neo in The Matrix movies made him one of Tinseltown's top earners, worth well over $200million.

His next project is romantic comedy Mare, II with his Speed co-star Sandra Bullock, the first time they have worked together since the 1994 hit thriller.

Keanu said: 'I'm looking forward to working with Sandra again. I think we're a cute couple.'

SOURCE: Sunday Mail UK

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