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The Art and Power of Letting Go

By Kristen Howe / Source: Unlock the Power of Now

The concepts of faith and surrender and letting go are all essential to manifesting your desires, and yet our rational (conscious) minds are constantly fighting for us to do just the opposite.

So, what do we do? How do we handle it when we know what we need to do, but somehow we just won't do it? That's exactly what this article will help you with. I give you some specific tools you can start using right now to harness the power (and art) of letting go!

I can't even begin to express how important this issue is – make sure you read it all the way through and when you do, you can start to see instant manifestations!

Let it go?

If I asked for a show of hands for how many of you have been told that the final piece of the 'Law of Attraction' and 'Manifesting' process is to 'Let it go' – I am sure that most (if not all) of you would raise your hands.

Then, if I asked for a show of hands for how many of you struggle with 'letting it go' I'm sure I would see the same amount of hands go up.

The concept seems so simple – just let it go and trust the Universe – right?

Sure, simple in concept – but then our emotions kick in and the idea of 'letting it go' gets thrown out the window.

Why do we struggle to 'Let it go'?

The plain and simple answer is that even though we want to trust the Universe, we feel much more likely to achieve what we desire if we stay in the driver seat. It is human instinct to clutch and hold and control. When we operate from the conscious mind we operate from the knowledge of 'What is true' in our physical world. BUT – you already know that the conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg and 'What is true' in our physical world is ONLY what SEEMS to be true.

When we are looking to our conscious mind to define reality, trust in the Universe is a tough thing – trust and faith and letting go all rely on our ability to in our believe that despite what may seem true in our external world, there is SO MUCH going on in the 'unseen' non-physical world that can bring anything into fruition.

What if this was true?

To start to tap into that belief, I want you to ask yourself "What if my subconscious mind and the Universe know EXACTLY how to bring about anything I desire, even if my conscious mind has no idea how?"

Seriously, what if that is true?

Now, I want you to suspend your disbelief for just a second here and answer this question, "If it is true that my subconscious mind and the Universe know EXACTLY how to bring about anything I desire – am I free to let go how it is going to happen?"

I guarantee that if you knew that your subconscious and Universe had it all taken care of, you would have no problem letting go – you would willingly surrender because you would KNOW that you were going to be taken care of.

Now, what if this is true?

What if you realized that, every time you stop trusting, and start trying to figure out 'how' and control the outcome – you actually set your subconscious mind back in its job of manifesting everything you desire? Would you get out of the way then?

Of course you would! If you knew this with certainty, you would make it your job to get out of the way of your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind DOES know exactly how to bring you everything you desire. Your subconscious mind knows how to access Universal energy and manifest anything. Anytime you 'hold on', 'force it' or 'try to figure out how' – you get in the way of the process.

How do I know? I take a look at my personal history – and that's exactly what I want you to do to start to harness the power of letting go in your life too!

There are 2 great ways to tap into your history for this –

Think of a time in your life when you wanted something and did let go how it was going to happen (this often happens when we are too busy or are too focused on something else) – and then it showed up in your life without you ever trying to 'make it happen'.

Think of a time in your life when you REALLY wanted (or felt you needed) something and you tried to do everything to make it happen and then finally out of fatigue or frustration you just 'gave up trying' – and then it showed up in your life.

Once you have given yourself some proof from your past – letting go becomes easier and makes much more sense to your rational mind. For the next week, I want you to live 'as if' it is true that your subconscious mind knows EXACTLY how to bring you what you desire. Here's how…

Any time you find yourself trying to figure out how you can 'make' something happen – I want you to stop and say this to your subconscious mind…

"Subconscious, I know you know EXACTLY how to bring me all of the right people, opportunities and situations to bring about [NAME YOUR DESIRE HERE] or better in my life – and I know that my job is to pay attention to the people and opportunities and situations that show up and listen to your guidance so that the inspired action I can take to assist you becomes clear."

Try it – you will be amazed at all of the amazing things that start to show up in your life!

Kristen Howe is the creator of Unlock the Power of Now: An Easy Way to Live In The Moment, Tap Into Your Infinite Source of Creation and Magnetically Attract Your Desires Without Meditation, Hypnosis, Aligning Your Brain Waves or Traveling to the Far East in Search of Enlightenment!

Unleash the Power of Now

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