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7 Days to a Longer, Healthier Life

Live Longer, Feel BetterSource: Live Longer, Feel Better

What if I brought 40 experts into your living room to tell you how to sort out your health for later years? Would that be cool?

My friend and award winning film director, Michael Beattie, has gathered some of the most powerful health leaders from around the globe - to be in a documentary that’s literally going to change thousands of lives.

More and more lives are headed down the plughole. But long term studies have proven that you can rid yourself of up to 80 percent of the disease risk that plagues most people and ends up cutting their life unnecessarily short. Don't let that be you.

What if this series could show you how to "Live Longer, Feel Better!"?

Click here to watch the trailer.

The buzz already building around this powerful 7-part documentary is quite something.

Michael’s previous film (That Vitamin Movie) introduced millions of people to using vitamins to address disease. This seven part follow up is for people who don't need to be sold on the idea that living as long as you possibly can might not be such a bad idea !

I know this is going to help you and your loved ones a lot.

Please make a point of joining us on February 1st at 6pm ET (and every night at 6pm after that) to watch each episode as it goes live.

By the way, this entire series?  It’s a gift.  It’s yours at absolutely no charge.  That’s right, the whole documentary, all 7 episodes are going to be aired free of charge.

Click here and reserve your spot.

I can’t wait to see you there!

PS. One final note – Each episode of this incredible 7-part series will be online for only 24 hours from release. Make sure you register so you don’t miss a single thing. You’ll be excited by what you’re about to discover.


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