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How You Can Keep Or Draw Your Lover To You With Quantum Entanglement

By Shango Rei, Author of Get It In: Rapid Result Magick Rituals for Seduction, Sexual Attraction and Power

They never taught this in any science class.

Have you ever wanted to “bind” or tie a lover to you, so they can't or won't get away? What if you could bind the lover of your choice to you, using Quantum Physics?

Imagine binding them in such a way that you can either physically draw an M.I.A lover BACK to you or KEEP the one you got now. In just a minute I'm going to give you a simple format so you can do just that.

Science has been trying to catch up to “Magick” for many years. In fact it has been said that Magick is simply science that is yet to be explained or comprehended by current scientific means. I believe it is not an “either or” but an A-N-D situation when it comes to Magick and Science. So what does this have to do with Binding your lover to you? And WHAT is a Binding spell to begin with?

A Binding spell is a form of magick that acts to bind someone or something on an energetic level. There are many variations of this kind of magick. One version is used to bind or tie someone or something up AWAY from you. Think of tying somebody up so they can't attack you. And yet another version of this kind of magick is used to tie someone TO you. THIS is the kind of magick you want to know about and what we will be discussing here in this article. Dare I say, a scientific name for this kind of magick utilizes what quantum physics calls Quantum Entanglement.

Now, believe it or not, Quantum Entanglement happens a lot more than you think. Quantum Entanglement is literally the phenomenon of two particles becoming connected in such a way, that one or the other particle can effect the other even when separated by great distances.

Now HOW does one get “Entangled”? There are many ways. One is through a sexual or strong mental connection. Yup... you read it right. Take for instance, an empathic person with a lot of sexual partners under their belt may sometimes experience their past or present lover(s) emotions and bullshit. One can start to feel as though one is losing their mind, and NOT KNOW WHY!

Overwhelmed by wave after wave of “cluster fuck” emotions being transferred from all those entanglements. Because when we become quantum entangled, information and energy passes to and from those connected parties. Essentially because the two are connected as if they were one. If your not aware or familiar with energy and how these matters work, as well as the symptoms, things can get really crazy. Now that was just a random example of this quantum entanglement in action.

The good news, is that those same quantum entanglement principles can be manipulated and assist you in “binding” a lover or ex lover to you. Allowing you to directly affect them in a very covert and powerful way.

My name is Shango Rei, I am an Internationally known Intuitive Consultant, Author and professional Sorcerer. I hack peoples reality using Ritual magick. I have performed HUNDREDS of Binding Spells for clients all around the globe. In my profession as a professional Sorcerer, it is not my job to be the moral police. Morals vary person to person and they are subjective. Personally, I subscribe to the belief that there is a time and place for everything. However, I can only advise the client. I say that to say this, if you are going to do a binding spell on someone, or have someone like me do it for you, examine your motives WHY you are doing this. BE SURE that this person is who you want. It is YOUR life so make sure!

Let's get to it.

Here is the simple format you can use to craft your own binding spell.

INTENT – Know WHO and WHY you want this person. It doesn't matter if your “why” is not politically correct or what you should want. As long as it is friggin' strong and it is YOUR truth, you're all bueno.

EFFIGY OR CORRESPONDENCE – You're going to need something that belonged to your target (dna, worn clothing, a belonging etc )or a picture, or at the very least something that represents them, such as a poppet or doll constructed to correspond to their likeness. You will also need one that represents yourself.

CONSECRATE THE DOLL OR EFFIGY – VERY important. In essence, this step is mucho important. You need to consecrate your doll/poppet/effigy of your target and yourself. Essentially you are bringing it to life and capturing JUST enough of their essence in the effigy, through your will and focused intent, so you can inflict your intention. You can do this by getting in a meditative state and focusing on your target and your effigy. You can DECLARE your effigy IS THEM as you spit liquor or blow cigar smoke all over it. You can baptize it or sprinkle a little water on it whilst asserting that your effigy is NOW them. KNOW IT. SENSE IT. FEEL IT AS TRUE NOW.

BIND THEM!!! - Now is the part where you get to use all that lust and or love you had pent up. TIE them together while maybe saying a chant you created. A rhyming chant or incantation perhaps. Make it special to you but do keep things simple.

FEED THEM – I always have my clients follow through with some simple instructions with their poppets. It feeds the spell and creates momentum to get things moving faster. So I have my clients do a brief special kind of meditation with their bound poppets. I suggest you do some visualizing and FEELING that your target is ALREADY yours the way you TRULY desire them to be.

MindTrip MagazineLET IT GO – After your done with the Ritual...GO ON ABOUT YOUR DAY. FORGET ABOUT IT. In essence you are letting it go SO it can manifest.

Well, that is a simple yet powerful format for a quantum entangling Binding Spell. REMEMBER, be sure you really actually want what you want. Some of you would be better off masturbating and THEN asking yourself is THIS who you really want to bind yourself to?

By Shango Rei is the author of Get It In: Rapid Result Magick Rituals for Seduction, Sexual Attraction and Power. Find out all the wonderful ways we can assist you with all your magickal needs at www.Shango-Rei.com


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