How to Manifest a Winning Lottery Ticket

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You have found this article because you want to win the Lottery. Well I am about to tell you something that is so easy but so guaranteed to win if you follow all of the steps that I give you.

Because if you don't follow the steps and you don't put in the work then maybe you are just wasting your time because if you use a half hearted approach then you are never going to win anything let alone a Lottery worth lots of cash.

Okay here we go:

You Have to Believe

What? I hear you say, what has that got to do with winning the Lottery and I tell you everything. You HAVE to believe that you can win before anything else otherwise it will never work.

One of the reasons that you have failed so far is that you don't believe that you deserve to have the cash, the car or the house. That is the message that you are giving out to the Universe and that is what the Universe is giving you back the same negativity that you pump out on a regular basis.

Time to get positive and believe in yourself!

Know What you Want

How can you get what you want unless you have a clear idea in your head what it is? What you are going to be doing is putting a message out to the Universe so if you want to win the Lottery don't be general be specific how much would you like to win?

Think about all of the things that you would specifically like to do with the money. Buy a house, travel the world remember this is about making your dreams come true so make as big and outrageous as you want!

Paint a Picture

When you want to manifest something like winning the Lottery it is not enough to just think about it. To be successful you are going to have to do a whole lot more than that.

You need to paint a picture in your mind as if you have already won it because to make it real the Universe has to be clear on what you want to happen.

So set aside some quiet time at least once a day where you can close your eyes and sit quietly without being disturbed by anyone or anything.

Picture that winning Lottery ticket in your hand. See the numbers on it and picture yourself watching the winning numbers come up. Can you see it.

Imagine yourself being handed the winners cheque, make sure that you imagine the amount that you want written on it. Be specific don't leave anything to chance.

What can you smell as you drive the brand new sports car out of the showroom, how do you feel when you make the final payment of the mortgage on your house and you are debt free.

Know how it feels to win because you have already won, that is how to manifest!

Get Yourself Moving Towards Your Goal

The next thing that you need to do is act like you have already won. No don't go into hock and buy heaps of stuff that is not what I mean but go and look at the car that you want to buy and know how much it costs. Plan the places that you want to visit when you travel even down to the hotels that you want to stay in.

And every day revisit your visualization to manifest it into this world. Put a picture up of the car or the house that you want to buy at work, at home or on your mobile. Keep your thinking in the present.

The Last Step to Manifesting a Lottery Ticket

Okay so you know what you want, you have visualized it for a month, you have physically done everything that you can to "shop" for the things that you want now it is time for the very last stage.

The most or least important stage depending on your perspective.

The last thing that you need to do is buy the Lottery ticket – if you forget this then you will never win!

See you on the winner's stage.



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