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The 3 Secrets to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet

Source: The Manifesting Super Gold Pack

Manifesting is an art and a science that deals with finding your unlimited potentiality as a human being.

When you increase your frequency and move into an expanded state of consciousness that is aligned with the all intelligent, all powerful Universe, you will naturally create, allow and attract your desires with joy and effortless ease!

You were born with the most powerful manifesting mechanics already inside you. You already are a super manifesting machine who can magnetize anything that you desire into your life. The only thing stopping you from experiencing this is the doubt and fear that you aren't this, or haven't fully accepted this as the deepest truth of your reality.

These 3 secrets will help you to transcend any blocks stopping you from receiving your desires or dream life. Once your resistance is released you can step fully into your power and experience yourself as the divine manifesting being you truly are.

1. Practice the Magic Manifesting Mantra at www.ManifestingMantra.com

Repeat the words, Quiet Mind, Open Heart, and Relaxed Being throughout your day, feeling these messages open up inside each part of your body. A quiet mind, open heart and a deeply relaxed core are the most potent manifesting qualities we can have. A quiet mind is like open hand and a busy mind creates a tensed body which behaves like a closed fist. Just think how hard is it for me to hand you $10,000 in cash if you have a tight closed fist? When you have a quiet mind, your heart naturally relaxes and opens on its own accord. You become non-judgmental, patient, loving and more accepting of others and yourself. A relaxed body and quiet mind invokes an open creative mindset that becomes naturally receptive for you to receive your desired outcome. You see that whatever happens is the right experience for your souls highest growth and awakening.

2. Gently yet firmly hold onto the wild reins of your mind.

The mind is like a herd of wild horses that have never been trained or tamed. When you can gain the respect and tame this herd, you will have the power to hold the mind still and attract what you want. With a confident grasp on the reins of your mind, you can be specific and clear about what you want, as well as super receptive to allowing it to come into your life. If there is any doubt, hesitancy, fear, or negative thinking about it, you are holding the reins too tightly and simply need to trust in life's magical unfolding process. Look to where the deeper conflict is inside you about receiving your desired outcome. Perhaps you think it should manifest tomorrow or sooner, and the Universe is not prepared to deliver it to you until 3 days. When you are 100% open to receiving your desire at the "perfect time" in the future, all the blocks will be magically removed and your dream will show up for you faster than you thought was possible.

3. Let go of any attachment as to HOW your desire manifests.

Life is not just about getting what your ego wants, it is a spiritual journey of enlightenment along the way. You are here to wake up and realize that you are a divine being overflowing with the light of amazing joy, laughter, lightness and love. When you are experiencing such an ecstatic lightness and playfulness through your day, the Universe experiences you from a state of non-resistance to receiving your desires. When you are simply playing, feeling into the healing sweet childlike being inside, you stop being attached to the outer world for happiness, and know that inside you have whatever it is you need to be happy, fulfilled, and at peace. If you can be happy, fulfilled and at peace with your life just as it is right now, you instantly have become a super powerful manifesting magnet for attracting every single one of your desires to you.

"If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life." ~Abraham-Hicks


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