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China Develops a Mind-Controlled Car

By Christopher Powers / NY Daily News

China can now add something new to their long list of things that they have the brain power to come up with before the rest of the world.

This one involves, well, their brain power.

Yes, the mind-controlled car is officially something that now exists in China. Researchers have developed the new vehicle in the city of Tianjin and you can see it at work in this video. The car uses nothing but brain power to drive and it is indeed the first of its kind.

Zhang Zhao, a Chinese researcher, spoke to Reuters about the car, explaining that it is made up of 16 sensors that capture electroencephalogram, or EEG, signals from the driver’s brain. All the proof is in the video, where the driver is literally controlling the car’s movement from the backseat. The driver wears brain signal-reading equipment to control it to go forward, back, come to a stop, and lock and unlock the doors.

It has taken two years and a team of researchers from Nankai University to produce the brain-powered car, all thanks to an inspiration to help disabled people who are unable to steer cars.

“There are two starting points of this project. The first one is to provide a driving method without using hands or feet for the disabled who are unable to move freely; and secondly, to provide healthy people with a new and more intellectualized driving mode,” Zhang said.

The goals look as though they were accomplished, although there are no plans to actually put the car into production or have it drive anywhere but in a straight direction. Knowing China, we are sure they will perfect it first, and some day you may just be controlling your very own vehicle …… with your mind.


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