Your Mind is Your #1 Doctor and Healer

By Vishen Lakhiani / The Silva Method

How much do you really know about your mind's ability to influence your body? How far have you pushed your mind?

And I mean really pushed it.

Yes, most of you out there know just how powerful your mind is but have you used it as a tool for healing? A savior for your health? I know these are pretty big words but when you consider the countless stories of people curing the incurable, terminal illnesses disappearing, and rapid recovery from all sorts of ailments using just the mind, it's hard not to call your mind your #1 healer.

While most of you just love going to the doctor's and paying those hefty fees for consultations and pharmaceutical drugs, consider this: A pain-free life, where you are so in tune with your body you know you're going to be sick before it happens. You know exactly how to stop it, heal it, and prevent it.

Sound too good to be true? I used to think so but just check out these stories below:

"Last August my daughter was diagnosed with a reoccurrence of breast cancer -- Stage 4, metastasized all over her body. She decided not to undergo whole brain radiation and chemotherapy the doctors suggested. She is using all natural healing methods, organic juice, food, and supplements -- and meditation. I have been helping her by using Silva healing techniques, visualizing the cancer going away -- and it is! 8 months later, the cancer is more than half gone. I am sure the Silva Method has played a significant role in her healing. Thanks a lot." - Barbara Szabo

"M.R., a lieutenant in the US Navy, has suffered of some heart arrhythmia and was prohibited to be on a flight. He explained 'I came to the Alpha level frequently and envisioned a perfect heart with no defects. Three weeks later I was examined. No mitral valve prolapse! A congenital defect of thirty-three years had disappeared. All the diagnostic equipment and tests revealed a perfect heart. I was returned to flight status.'" - Louise Owen, United States

So you may have noticed the connection between the two. And that would be Silva. As some of you may know, the Silva Method has transformed my life in the past so I know, firsthand, that this isn't just false hope or a coincidence. These stories are real and they are a testament to how your mind can take back control of your body and health.

My own experience of Silva started when I was 17. I started the book Silva Mind Control Method (its name pre-1980s) and underwent some major breakthroughs that had a direct impact on my health. This was how amazing the Silva Method worked for me. A skin condition I had for 5 years cleared up in 5 weeks after I applied Jose Silva's imagery technique to focus on healing.

Later at the age of 17 I took the seminar and my abilities to heal myself only accelerated. I remember once injuring my foot while practising martial arts. We were given an exercise to practice kicking a brick wall and stopping our foot a few inches before striking the wall.

It was an exercise that required total focus and concentration. Except at the last minute the phone rang, distracting me and causing my foot to go further than it should and WHAM against the wall. What a difference a few inches makes. This caused a massive swelling in my foot and a hairline fracture.

I sat down in pain and went into my Silva meditation level (also known as the "Alpha" level) and applied the Pain Control technique I had learned in the seminar. Within minutes I was able to reduce the pain, bring down the swelling and make myself well enough to walk and go visit a doctor.

And do you know what the best part of all of this is? It's that YOU, just like the people in the stories above and me, can be a self-healer too. This is a power that all of you have. It's just incubating in your mind. Waiting to be woken up!

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