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8 Mental Tricks for Insane Muscle Gain

By Sean Nalewanyj
Creator of
The Real Deal Body Transformation System

Achieving insane muscle gain is not a walk in the park.

Getting major results in terms of insane muscle gain and increased strength only come from one source – pushing yourself harder than ever every time you enter the gym. A major reason why most people fail at achieving the insane muscle gain they desire is because they aren't pushing themselves hard enough at the gym. And why don't they? There is a reason for it…

It's intense. It's uncomfortable. It's downright gut wrenching.

Toughen up, kid, because you're going to have to conquer those feelings of pain that match up with a tough session at the gym if you ever want to achieve insane muscle gain.

You deserve insane muscle gain, so take a look at the techniques below to learn how to numb your feelings of pain and push past them to reach your goals. Try out the following ideas and get ready to experience a huge breakthrough…

1) Life-Threatening Situations

When you reach the end of your set and you feel like quitting, imagine you are in a life or death situation where you have to lift a boulder off of yourself or someone you love in order to survive. Example: while doing chin-ups you can pretend that you are actually dangling from a cliff, or when deadlifting you can imagine that you are lifting a car off of someone.

2) Magnetic Force

Pretend that the weights you are using are powerful magnets that are being attracted in the opposite direction. If you're performing a bench press, imagine that the bar is a magnet being attracted to the ceiling.

3) Envision Your Muscles

When you're at the gym, you need to break down those muscle fibers to get your body to respond. To stay motivated, picture what is happening in your muscle tissue as you execute your set. Imagine the fibers tearing and being engorged with blood and nutrients and realize that these processes will equate to insane muscle gain.

4) Have Someone Watch You

This is not for the purpose of spotting; this is to have someone watch you and motivate you as you perform your set. You are more likely to push yourself while working out if you think you are being judged.

5) Positive/Negative Force

Maximize your pushing exercises by visualizing that you are repelling something negative away from your body.When it comes to pushing exercises, imagine pushing something or someone bad away from your body. You can associate anything with this: someone you don't like, a negative emotion or something material. For pulling exercises, do the exact opposite. Consider pulling in money, a positive emotion or a person you are crazy about.

6) Set Ridiculous Goals

If you need to perform 7 reps on a given set, imagine that your goal is to perform 100. If you need to do 8 reps, tell yourself that you'll do 100. Truly convince yourself of this. When you start to lift, convince yourself you will not stop until you reach 100 reps.

7) Close Your Eyes

Be smart and only use this technique on the simple exercises. Avoid exercises like squatting or deadlifting when trying this out. During simple exercises, keep your eyes closed. This will block out all of your visual stimuli and will allow you to focus 100% on performing the exercise.

8) Pretend It's Someone Else's Pain

Push yourself to muscular failure (or at least very close to it) is a must if you really want to achieve insane muscle gain. While you are approaching muscular failure, pretend that the pain you are experiencing is also being felt by someone that you dislike. The more intense you get, the more pain they receive. This might seem like a "cold" technique, but the bottom line is that it works.

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