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Freedom. Happiness. Weirdness. The latest issue of our new digital magazine is now available for Apple and Android devices.

  • The Science of Gratitude
    Energy Healing Works, and This Man Will Prove It
  • Revelations of an Illuminati Insider
  • The Man Who Talked to Plants
  • The 40 Day Prosperity Plan
  • Jump Into a Universe of Infinite Possibilities
  • Tune In. Drop Out. Get Rich.
  • Life Lessons from 100-Year-Olds
  • The Two Most Powerful Worlds to Change Your Life
  • How to Become a Money Magnet
  • The Most Beautiful Planet in the Galaxy
  • Simple Enlightenment
  • News From the Future
  • WTF Videos
  • Weird Facts
  • and much more...

To celebrate the launch of the Android version of our magazine we are offering MindTrip Magazine completely FREE for a limited time. Simply download the free App in order to access one of several free issues!



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Free Mystery Gift with any Donation to Mind Power News!