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How a Secret Word Changed My Life

By Chris Cains,
Creator of the
Miracle Mind Method

What I'm about to share with you took me YEARS to figure out. Several agonizing, grueling years that I'll never get back! What I discovered has changed my life (and hundreds of others' lives) around.

Here's my story: Just 3 years ago, I owed over 50k in debt after my business venture failed. I was in a very dark place. I was absolute miserable. I had no money, no friends to turn to for support. I'm not kidding when I say suicidal thoughts were crossing my mind.

Fast forward to today, I made over 500k in the last 2 years but I don't even have a job (and it all began with a seed I planted in my mind!)

So, how did I finally do it?

My formula is simple, I call it the Miracle Mind Method.

First, I tapped into the power of my subconscious for an idea to make money.

Let me explain. You see, I struggled for years trying to make money in my business. Nothing seemed to work but I was working 12, sometimes 14 hours a day! I wasn't looking to get rich quick… I was willing to work and do whatever it took.

Yet I failed miserably.

Why? Because I did not have the right idea!

So I gave my subconscious mind a crystal clear target to hit by constantly repeating a "secret word" out loud and silently to myself.

This is the absolute truth: I cannot account for any other thing that I may have done to change what I thought except for one thing: I constantly repeated the "secret word" day and night, silently and out loud for several days.

On or about the 3rd day after repeating the "secret word" non-stop, I had an idea that catapulted my business from doing $1,000 a month or less to $10,000 the first month I put the idea into action!

Since then I have never made less them $10,000 a month in my business and I have had many months in which I've made $40,000, $50,000 even $70,000 – in one month!

Now even though this course is not about making money, I cannot attribute the change that occurred INSIDE ME to anything else except the constant repetition of the "secret word"

I had plenty of desire to succeed before I started using this technique, and I had more than enough motivation – I was heavily in debt and had a family to care for!

I didn't change my diet... I didn't do anything different for those 3 days than I normally did.

But what I did not have was any idea how I was going to make more money...
… until I used the "secret word".

Now, if you're skeptical let me say this:

I think that the key to why this worked was because it focused my mind on what I wanted so intensely that it forced me to come up with an innovative idea. It really worked like nothing else I have ever tried.

And even if you don't believe my explanation why it worked, it will still work for you! That's the great thing – you don't even have to believe it will work!

Why? Because it's just like turning on the engine in a car – you don't need to see or understand the miracle of automotive engineering or know how it works in order to drive it! You just put the key in, turn it and start moving!

It's the same thing with the Miracle Mind Method - there's a lot under the hood going on but you don't need to know how it works to take it for a test drive and experience the benefits and results!

It has made a tremendous difference in my life, and I hope it does the same for you.

Are you ready to make a change in your life?

Are you ready to get that right idea?

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