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Introducing NLP Mindfest
An online festival of powerful change and achievement beginning Monday, October 24. Yours absolutely free – no strings attached!

Source: The NLP Mindfest

NLP is an extraordinary technology of human performance originally created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler.

Those three letters—NLP—stand for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is a powerful and elegantly simple way to get your mind to do what you want! It has been called the Science of Achievement.

Lucky for you, experts have devoted their lives to the study of NLP so you don't have to! They are using NLP all over the world to help people with effortless breakthroughs in any area of day-to-day life.

We've scoured the world to discover the most talented teachers of our time. They are acclaimed experts who have used NLP to enhance and change the lives of thousands and thousands of individuals.

Their techniques and methods are easy to implement and proven to be potently powerful. In October, they are coming together in the NLP Mindfest, an extraordinary free online event to help you rise above the disappointments and chaos of our days and to enjoy a rewarding and satisfying life. It's about time!

Each day for 7 days in a row two new teachers will share their expertise with you completely commercial-free. There will be no advertisements. They will stay focused on making sure you receive all of the benefit you can.

See the 14 extraordinary teachers here...

When you sign-up today, you will get to immediately listen to an Introduction to NLP with Pete Bissonette and Paul Scheele. Then on Monday, you'll get to play 14 individual sessions (2 per day) – all about one hour long – absolutely free – and get the breakthrough you want for more success, less weight, better relationships…

Whatever goal you have, there is an expert who will lead you through simple mind-enhancing processes to help vaporize blocks and fears to set you free...

You can listen to these 14 inspiring programs with our compliments:

  • Paul R. Scheele PhD - Self-Hypnosis: Regain the power of your mind to direct your life

  • Lindley Craig - Flow Goals: How to achieve your goals and build a better version of you

  • Marilyn Devonish - Communicating Online: Win friends and influence people in the cyber age.

  • Marc Pletzer - The Cappuccino Strategy: Turbo-charge visualization for maximum success

  • Carol Talbot - Leading from the Inside Out: 4 Mind Keys to change your mind and keep the change

  • Dr. Matt James - Integrative Health: Aligning your energy, mind, emotions, and body.

  • Tony Yuile - Anxiety Busters: 4 ways to quickly reduce anxiety and stress

  • Lauren Archer - Lifting the Veil: Beyond the illusion of self-sabotage

  • Steve Andreas - Your Vocal Ally: Transforming negative self-talk

  • Lindsey Agness - Age with Attitude: Eight attitudes of the successful midlife woman

  • Jeremiah Rangel - Spiritual NLP: Follow the guiding light of your highest self

  • William Horton - Overcoming Addictions: The pathway to recovery through NLP

  • Michael Stevenson - Turning Influence into Profits: The art of ethical influence and persuasion in business.

  • Richard Bolstad - The Wheel of Change: 4 simple steps to get the changes you want for yourself or others

All at no charge for you.

Bonus free session!

Every day of the NLP Mindfest you will also get the opportunity to "Double Your Reading Speed in 10 Minutes" by Paul Scheele. With Double Your Reading Speed, you can make the shift to faster, more efficient reading on anything. You don't need any special abilities other than being able to read! Turn on your true power as a reader by using Paul's simple 3-step process.

You'll just need to grab a book, listen to the session, and your reading increases immediately.

NLP Mindfest is a great way to dive into NLP and come away with a handful of mental processes that can change your life forever. How will your life change? Only you know for sure. Only you know what you would like to accomplish. All I can do is assure you that you will find answers at the NLP Mindfest.

Please sign up today, and forward this message to your friends. This online festival of powerful change and achievement is our gift to the world. It is absolutely free and we would like you to share it with as many people as possible.


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