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3 Mind Training Tips from Navy Seals

Source: Survival Life

The difference between winning and losing is mental. Ask any Navy SEAL and he will tell you that. The greatest power of all is the power to control your own mind. If you can do that, you can be prepared for anything.

Learn the following skills to train your mind for whatever happens.

1. Take Yourself Out

This doesn’t mean you should punch yourself out. It means you should take yourself out of the environment. You can do this even if you have to remain in the environment. In fact, it’s a pretty cool thing to learn and you can use it at any time. Does the person in front of you at the grocery store have thirteen items? Take yourself out. Did you just miss the green light because someone’s BFF in the car in front of you at the light didn’t put her foot on the gas because she was talking to Brad? It is time, my friend, to take yourself out.

Taking yourself out is a mental game. Like most mental games, the better you get at it the more fun it becomes. Not that everything is fun and games. Being able to take yourself out of a given situation is a
powerful skill to have especially when things get dark. Dark could be literal or figurative. Consider a ten day power outage like they had in Western Massachusetts a couple years ago. Think things got stressful? You bet. Were people chaining their generators to trees? Yes, they were. This gives you an idea as to how quickly civilization with all its colorful trappings begins to erode. It doesn’t take long at all.

A Navy SEAL is trained to control the situation. The situation never controls him. He enters an environment with an open mind, without an agenda, and reads what is going on. He makes a critical assessment and forms a necessary plan of action. Nothing is extraneous. He doesn’t judge except with logic, and he doesn’t use emotion except to motivate.

Credit Card Knife2. Shake Hands With Fear

Fear is difficult. It’s hard to talk about, think about and admit to. But it does exist and it is real. And that’s okay. Why? Because there’s a reason we feel it. Don’t fall for any products or gurus who tell you that the way to survive is to do away with what makes us human. That right there is crazy talk. There’s no doing or turning away from anything, including fear. Fear is good. Not like fast car on a Friday night good, but good in its own quivering little way.

Fear means pay attention. It’s not something you toss aside like a broken tree branch. No. When fear arrives, acknowledge it. Then figure it out.

Your reptilian brain is telling you that something is wrong, or off or dangerous. Or anything, actually. It’s telling you something though, and the way to shake hands with fear is to understand exactly where it’s coming from and why. You do this by assessing the situation and looking for weaknesses. If you don’t find any the first time, go back and look again. Look until you find it, because here’s the thing. Our reptilian brains are actually pretty cool. They notice things on a subconscious level that we often don’t simply because we are focusing too hard. The little lizards up there focus on other things that are small, but just because they’re small doesn’t mean they aren’t deadly.

Optic Fire Starter3. Let The First Thought Go

How many times have you been in a situation where you had to respond and you wound up doing the first thing you thought? Most people operate this way. It can be an effective way to operate but it’s not the only way.

Sometimes we have to get the initial thoughts that pop into our minds out of the way so the good ideas can show up. It’s a process, and if you let it proceed wonderful things might come of it.

Navy SEALS don’t invest in the first thought that crosses their minds. They wait and see what else shows up. They might wind up going back to the original idea, and that’s fine. But they might just discover a new hiding place or a different code. This is what can happen when you control your mind. You can watch thoughts pass as if they are on a river, floating out of sight. When you can pick and choose which thought you want to act on, that’s when you know you are Navy SEAL prepared.

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