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Evidence Of The Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences

Source: NextWorldTV.com

Beyond the "Next World" we are all seeking to manifest together through our works, there is also a "next world," that our society never talks about -- the world we come to after we "die."

In his long awaited book Evidence Of The Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences, oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long [HarperOne, April, 2010) scanned 1300 cases of so-called NDEs (near death experiences) and based a book on 600 of those, using scientific method to screen out deception and dishonesty.

Dr. Long became convinced that NDEs prove that we do not die, that there is an afterlife for the soul after the body "dies."

This book, which includes accounts from non-English speaking NDEs, is the most comprehensive and scientific collection of evidence of life after death ever compiled.

Many of the experiences are familiar: A sense of the soul gently leaving the body, a tunnel, going toward a light, being enveloped with a sudden sense of tremendous peace, an encounter with a being felt to be God, who is utterly loving, comforting, and reassuring, and a sense of bliss and love that almost all describe as "impossible to describe."

Virtually all who experience this long to stay on the other side, although mothers of young children sometimes ask to be sent back, though they are reluctant and also wish they could stay. May report being actually (transiently) angry at the physicians who brought them back to earth and life.

Dr. Long found what he calls "the nine lines of evidence" that ran consistently through the accounts, which convinced him of the life after death.

The 9 Lines of Evidence for Life After Death

1. Lucid death--increased alertness and consciousness after the heart stops.

2. Out of Body Experiences, (OBEs) in which those who have "died" see and hear earthly events which they can later recall and which match perfectly with real events.

3. Heightened senses, including super-normal vision, even for those who have been blind all their lives, who suddenly could see everything, from enhanced perspectives and dimensions.

4. Consciousness during anesthesia.

5. Perfect Playback, in which the life is reviewed, real events are played back, and include the feelings of other people.

6. Family reunions: During a NDE, relatives are encountered, and often they are relatives who the dead person never met in life, because they died before the person was born.

7. Children's experiences: Even very young children recount NDEs the same way adults to, which negates the common "skeptic" argument that NDEs are culturally conditioned.

8. Worldwide consistency: NDEs are remarkably consistent around the world, across religions and cultures. There s no difference between the NDEs of non Western countries and Western countries, again suggesting powerfully that the accounts can't be explained by "cultural conditioning."

9. After-effects: People who have NDEs describe with utter consistency how the experience changed their lives, for the better.

Watch this interview with the author, and one of the people whose story of returning from death is recounted in the book.

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