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How to Use the Power of Numbers to Change Your Life

Source: Numerology Mindfest

Your birthdate influences your flow of money. The date of a marriage influences whether it thrives. The numbers corresponding to the letters in your name point to a career path that aligns with your passion.

That's "numerology." It captures influential properties of numbers that affect your life.

When you understand how numbers work, you gain blazing insight into every aspect of your life.

Numerology points to why things are working for you, why other things are not, and where to look for the success you want.

Numerology clearly shows you whether you are living on your purpose or off your purpose

"I was totally astounded by what my numerology chart revealed about me! Talk about hearing the truth! It confirmed to me what I need to change in my life. I am on a course of new beginnings and very excited about my future." – Anonymous, Overland Park, Kansas

The Learnings Strategies Numerology Mindfest answers gnawing questions for you beginning November 13 in six groundbreaking sessions…that you can do free of all charge.

There are many numerologists in the world, but you're not going to find one quite like the Scottish-born Gordon Taylor Spowart, who died unexpectedly last summer. Luckily his unique expertise and wisdom was captured in an audio course you will access beginning November 13. His legacy can create your legacy.

Gordon, was an engineer by training and early career and was consumed by the significance of numbers for the last forty years of his life. Numbers lived in his head. He dreamed of numbers. He knew every joke about numbers. He talked numbers nonstop.

He studied numbers and their meanings through over 500 books he amassed in his private library. I doubt anyone had a larger collection of books on numerology going back hundreds of years. And I doubt anyone knows the contents of those books better than Gordon did.

He began seeing patterns other famous numerologists had missed

He once said, "I started collecting books—hundreds of books—that I read over and over again. I became a devoted student of many teachers, I dove into countless approaches, I performed complicated mathematics, which was easy for my engineering mind, and I began seeing patterns the other numerologist had apparently missed. I gained a phenomenal amount of knowledge, which I began simplifying and passing on to others."

He created this magically simplified audio sessions after having done thousands of individual readings. Those unique patterns led to breakthroughs in the lives of thousands around the world, and now you have access to the same patterns. Even if numbers are not your thing… even if you are more artistic than mathematical…

You will see how the numbers sing … and play out in your life

"Gordon's numerology was amazingly insightful! I found it very helpful in allowing me to really get clear on what direction I want to take from this point forward in my life. I am now more excited about my life and look forward to truly making a difference in this world! Thank you Gordon, for sharing your valuable insights with me." – Mary Sell, Wichita, Kansas

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