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One Command That Can Change Your Life

By Asara Lovejoy / Excerpt from The One Command

How many times have you heard that your negative thoughts are the cause of financial lack and limitation?

Or, if you are rich, the fear of losing what you have has kept you from a peaceful enjoyment of your wealth?

And why is it that with every effort to change these conditions it hasn’t quite worked yet?

The answer, I discovered, is because the most powerful yet mostly ignored portions of our mind—the ones that can change our limited ideas into a rich life lived with grace and ease—have been left untapped.

The realization of this great capacity and the ability to create a rich life while engaged there changed my income and fortune from fear of lack and financial stress to a life of prosperity and happiness. When I discovered that greater capacity, it guided me in my every effort to be rich, joyful, and prosperous and removed forever that never-ending financial struggle that many of us have experienced.

I discovered that there are many levels to what we think is true about cash, money, and financial independence. Most of our ideas are based on the thought that there won’t be enough, or that money seems elusive and difficult to obtain, or, if we are rich, that we will lose what we have, or others may take it from us.

Many can argue that reality is as it is, but it is my experience that the opposite is exactly true: reality is ours for the making.

How to Command Wealth

While reading this book, you will discover something powerful and new. This book does have the answer to stopping your negative, limiting thoughts and creating successful, prosperous ones instead. It is a simple process known as The One Command.

You can use this one simple process to bring increased good into your life in the form of more cash, payment of your debts, better relationships, or a greater sense of peace of mind.

The One Command has three parts. The first part stops your old way of negative or fearful thinking; the second part puts your mind into a state of p a u s e where you connect to that greater capacity within you; and the third part brings your dreams and desires to the world.

As you master this simple procedure, you add other ingredients, such as the powerful technique of reversing debt into the flow of a rich life coming to you. You discover there is a new way to learn and to establish new relationships with cash and wealth.

You discover the easy way to accept knowledge directly into your body, your emotions, your mind, and your DNA itself. I know that it may sound far fetched to think that you can learn something in a new way without struggle and strife, but you can. It is provable, with demonstrable results from those who are using these techniques.

One woman who attended our public seminar, Commanding Wealth, left Sunday afternoon for a simple preliminary business discussion and unexpectedly received a $30,000 contract right on the spot. Folks reading this material are receiving cash and checks in the mail. Time speeds up in producing the beneficial results you intend—in some cases, almost instantly.

This teaching works because the way of thinking and creating I discovered is in actuality the most natural way of thinking and being that there is. It is, in fact, more natural to succeed, to be peaceful, and to live without stress. You learn here that the simple reason you may not be living this kind of life yet is that you have been trained not to. When you undo your negative, fearful training, you can come back into a more natural way of thinking and being: the way of the rich and contented.

What you discover here can change your life, allowing you to live richly and to prosper easily. It can change the cells of your body and your DNA to know what it feels like to be peaceful and prosperous; to be a good, kind, generous person who is rich; to be spiritual and rich; to do more with your life; and to experience greater satisfaction as you help others.

In these pages, you learn that these ideas are more than possible and that in fact they are the truth of who you are.
Many programs tell you what is needed to change your financial future, but this material teaches you to reorganize your emotions, your thinking, and the cells of your body to achieve your success.

If you are willing to set aside your notions of what you think you know, and if you are open to taking an incredible new adventure, then The One Command will forever alter your concepts of money and will increase your financial good.

This information goes beyond anything that you have known before. It makes changes in your physical brain by creating new neuro-net pathways for prosperity and joy, at the same time it closes your current poor, stressful receptor sites to lack forever.

The advanced process of connecting to that greater capacity within you, which I call your Source Mind, and receiving new emotional understanding by directly linking to your prosperity and good, is the power that actualizes every cell of your body and your DNA to a new, money-rich chemistry.

If you believe that you know how the world of money and finance operates—that you have to work hard, struggle, save, and invest wisely to create your financial security—then this information will change your mind forever. While it is good to invest wisely, you learn there is a greater secret to your true wealth. Those who have embraced these principles have all experienced the same beneficial results: an increase in prosperity, security, and joyful living.

It can be fun to create cash and to change your emotional poor- thinking to rich-thinking and to change your fearful money thoughts to financially secure and peaceful thoughts.

You discover that as you release your money fears, you have space to reprogram your inner thoughts and feelings and your DNA to accept prosperity, naturally and easily.

Do not read this information for advice. The information here is knowledge that, as you embrace it, will change your every concept of how to live richly.

If you want to operate your own power equipment, and become the engineer of your future, then this material is for you.

If you are rich, yet want something more in terms of peace of mind, satisfaction, and removal of fear from losing what you have, then this information is for you.

If you have enough, and want more, then this is for you.

If you have never had enough, and are constantly on the brink of financial difficulty, then this is for you.

Throughout this book, you will enjoy the sound of prosperity in every cell of your body, intellect, and spirit, as you bring that level of wealth that you desire to you as yours to keep and to enjoy.

Whether you are rich, struggling financially, or in between, you will find new, amazing ideas and techniques that establish great money chemistry, as well as joy, pleasure, and stability in your financial life. Welcome to a new way of achieving your dreams.

Asara Lovejoy is the author of The One Command

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