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It's been a long journey from the day my company went bust and I declared bankruptcy for the second time. And I want to tell you, it has been absolutely worth it. Every failure only made me stronger. Of course, that wasn't how I felt at the time.

Back in the day, I shared a business with three friends. Everything was going well until one of them embezzled money and ran off. So that business went under as we didn't have enough to sustain it. Then I decided not to trust anyone anymore, and started my own business after a couple of years. I thought it would be perfect this time, but I was constantly exhausted by the workload, and kept falling sick. My wife didn't know the industry enough to help keep it running, and eventually I had to close the business due to lack of manpower.

These business ventures took up all my energy, youth, and money. I had nothing left to contribute to the world anymore. At least that was what I thought, until my brother-in-law introduced me to Opulence For Life. He sat me down and told me about how he turned his life around with this program. I was crazy skeptical, because I didn't trust anyone and I sure wasn't going to trust a random program he bought off the Internet.

But he gave it to me and just insisted that I read the first lesson. So to appease him, I did. And Day 1 made me break down in tears. It talked about people who were in denial and how it was hindering their success. I had to take some time to reflect on what it said and it totally changed my worldview. I no longer see people as enemies, waiting to grab what's mine. It was amazing how I didn't realize that I was the biggest obstacle in my own path.

I was even known to be a constant complainer; everyone often made jokes like, "If Jason has nothing bad to say about it, it must be good!" However, while going through the program, my wife randomly commented that she hadn't heard me complain in a long time. I used to do it every single day; now I could go 2 weeks without a peep of negativity! That was when I really knew Opulence For Life was changing me.

It took me a little longer than 30 days to finish the program, because I had so many issues to work through. For example, I bore a huge grudge against my old friend who had embezzled the company funds. I couldn't let go and forgive him. And that was one of the reasons why I found it so difficult to move forward in life, both personally and professionally. Opulence For Life helped me to work it out within myself and I actually tracked down to this friend's contact number and told him I forgave him. You wouldn't believe the catharsis we both experienced.

In addition to these amazing breakthroughs, there was also a particular bonus that came with Opulence that I liked. It was called 21 Mind Motivators, and gave me a wonderful peek into the minds of some of the top names in marketing and business. Their advice helped me realize all the bad business decisions I'd made in the past.

I also applied a lot of their tactics into my current business—yes, I started a new one with all the new information I've learnt from this program—and it's absolutely flourishing. In fact, I just broke a record the other day and earned $9,186 in a week! (That's a crazy figure for a new, small-scale business like mine.) My life has never been better: I'm a nicer, happier person, and I get to go on weekend getaways with my wife without worry as I trust the partners I work with now.

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