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Did Psychic Spies Help Find Osama bin Laden?

Multiple sources report connections between Senior NSA Intelligence Official, Johns Hopkins, and declassified CIA/DIA psychic spy effort.

By Gary S. Bekkum/ Source:

Multiple sources claim to have been approached by US government officials concerning a 21st Century post-9/11 paranormal program, allegedly housed within the secretive National Security Agency (NSA).

An independent source affiliated with the Washington Post confirmed some of the information previously provided to STARstream Research (SSR) and

According to various accounts, shortly after al Qaida launched attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001, US and UK based intelligence agencies approached persons known for their 'extraordinary human performance' capabilities. Among the self-proclaimed 'psychics' contacted by intelligence sources were Uri Geller, who had previously worked with the US CIA, and Chris Robinson, who had provided warnings of terror events to British authorities.

Uri Geller identified his intelligence contact to writer Jon Ronson as "Ron," who is widely believed to be Ronald S. Pandolfi, a CIA analyst (according to the New York Times) who later worked at DIA under the Director of National Intelligence.

Within a year of Geller's 'outing' of Ron to Jon Ronson, the UK Ministry of Defence was looking into the potential of using psychic intelligence, as was later reported by the BBC and other mainstream media sources.

Meanwhile, the United States was also re-investigating the use of paranormal powers for intelligence collection, following a reported warning of the 9/11 events made by Chris Robinson, hours before airplanes crashed into and destroyed the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.

Later Robinson would report that his "seven year" contact with US intelligence had been indicted on espionage charges. Based upon Robinson's claim and other information provided on background to STARstream Research by several sources, including former intelligence officials and their civilian associates, the alleged government sponsored psychic spy research is directed by NSA's SIGINT division from Fort Meade, Maryland.

Research centers supporting the program are allegedly affiliated with Johns Hopkins University and The Monroe Institute. Several sources also mentioned John L. Petersen's The Arlington Institute think tank, which had been identified in US government files as a source on government psychic programs.

NSA-related sources first revealed the existence of the NSA paranormal program to investigative author Gus Russo, in 2007.

According to Russo's sources, the NSA considers the use of 'psychic information' as a legitimate form of signals intelligence, suggesting a transmission medium may have been confirmed by NSA scientists.

During the cold war, several Soviet scientists claimed so-called torsion fields stored and transmitted human perceptions, allowing for "remote viewing" of distant locations. In the 1970s the CIA sponsored research into remote viewing and later the American Defense Intelligence Agency tasked a small group of psychic intelligence officers against targets in the Soviet Union. Some of the DIA STAR GATE psychic spy files were released through the CIA in 2004.

According to Chris Robinson, some of the psychic targets of interest to US officials included locating Saddam Hussein and finding hidden Iranian nuclear installations.

In recent years, several former government officials who had been involved with now declassified psychic spy programs have expressed interest in the use of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) of the human brain during remote viewing experiments. In 2008, STARstream Research arranged for a meeting between a former CIA official and a Chinese researcher in Beijing, who had proposed an experimental test to determine if human perception was capable of achieving the superposition of two parallel worlds. According to modern physics, quantum theory predicts that the world is constantly splitting into a collection of different universes called the multiverse, where different possible outcomes are all taking place.

For more information on the US government's involvement with paranormal phenomena, see Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape -- Knowing the Future: The UFO Spy Games Book

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