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How to Explore Alternate Realities With Your Mind

By Burt Goldman
Creator of
Quantum Jumping

In 2005, then 78-year old Burt Goldman approached us about his new project, Quantum Jumping. Burt claimed that he developed a program that teaches people how to tap into alternative realities to gain wisdom, ideas and insights to help them achieve their goals.

The idea seemed too far-fetched and we quickly dismissed it. But, we were intrigued. After all Burt is one of the most respected personal growth teachers in the United States. He had studied for years under the late Paramahansa Yogananda and Jose Silva and became the #1 instructor in the Silva Method organization. He chaired the Mind Science congress in Athens in front of 2000 people his clients have included celebrities and even middle eastern royalty.

But despite all this, his Quantum Jumping idea seemed so 'out there', that we thought it would be too risky to publish him.

Then in 2008 Burt came back to us. The 81-year old 'monk' had changed. In a few short years he had developed a thriving online meditation company; he had learned photography and gotten his art into galleries around the world; and he even recorded an album (and the guy had JUST turned 81)!

It was then we finally decided to give Quantum Jumping a chance. Even if it was hard to believe, the idea of an 81-year old man doing so much in such a short span of time intrigued us and we wanted to know more. So how did he do it?

Burt credited it all to Quantum Jumping.

Quantum Jumping 101What Is Quantum Jumping?

Quantum Jumping is the process of 'jumping" into parallel dimensions, and gaining creativity, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from alternate versions of yourself.

…Are you still with me? Did that sound crazy? It did to me at first – and that's precisely why I've been holding on to it until the right time, a time when someone like you would would intuitively know that right now is the time to open your mind to it.

And that time is now. Why? Because science is starting to talk about the idea of multiple universes. And experiments in Universities like Edinburgh, Duke and Princeton are starting to show that the idea of human thought transference is real.

But just as important as the acknowledgement of experts is what I've seen and experienced for myself. After sharing Quantum Jumping with selected students in my seminars, I've seen them achieve incredible results. Stories of incredible coincidences, stories of rags to riches, the kind of stories you'd usually only find in those feel good Hollywood blockbusters.

Plus even ideas like Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, EFT, Auras and ESP were once thought off as being 'weird". Now they are studied in Universities and have huge followings.

And now it's time for you to have your own story – which is why I've compiled a sample 6-module Quantum Jumping Introduction Course on this site. Feel free to browse and test it out so you can experience Burt's creation.

But first, let me explain the theory...

The Theory of Multiple Universes and The InterConnected Mind

Do alternate versions of yourself exist in multiple Universes? That's the premise of Quantum Jumping.

Famous scientist like Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku and Neil Turok, all of whom are responsible for unbelievable breakthroughs in the field of quantum physics have suggested the existence of multiple universes.

But how is an alternate universe created? Well scientist theorize that every major decision we make in life causes a "split" in reality and creates two alternate Universes. Yes sorta like that movie Sliding Doors when the character played by Gwyneth Paltrow decides not to hop on a subway train. On that train is the man who will ultimately become her husband. That decision causes a split in her Universe and the movie goes on to show two versions of Paltrow's character.

One is the version that took the train and met the husband. The other skips the train and goes on to marry someone else. Paltrow's character exists in two universes.

Now think about your life. Think about all the major decisions you've made that led to who you are today. Now here's the big question.

What if all these decisions caused a split each time you made them. Then this means that multiple adult versions of yourself exist in multiple universes.

In one you could be unbelievably wealthy. In another you could broke. In yet another you could be an athlete. And in another a school teacher. Or a singer. Or a pop star, homeless person, inventor, lover and pretty much anything you can imagine.

Parallel Minds in Parallel Universes

Burt Goldman, who has been a student of mysticism and the human mind for 59 years, suggests this…

If we exist in multiple universes. And if we're all part of God and God is everywhere, then we should be connected to our own selves in these multiple Universes in the same way we are connected to all life.

What then – if we could tap into these alternate lives and draw the inspiration and ideas we need to make our present lives richer, healthier, sexier and better?

Want to grow a business? What ideas would you gain if you could tap into that version of yourself that is a successful entrepreneur in an alternate Universe.

Looking for health? What advice would you get if you could tap into the version of yourself that is a healthy athlete in another dimension?

Looking to improve a relationship? What guidance can you get from tapping into the essence of yourself in a universe where you are in a glorious relationship with someone you truly love.

Now Experience Quantum Jumping For Yourself

Designed specifically to help you understand everything about the Quantum Jumping phenomenon, the modules in the Quantum Jumping Introduction course will teach you.

  • How to perform your very own Quantum Jump. And no, you don't need any sort of psychic talent but you will automatically communicate with your subconscious every time you jump.
  • What is Quantum Jumping? What it is, what it does and the story of how I discovered it.
  • Why Quantum Jumping is the key to communicating with your subconscious. The unbelievable story of how Quantum Jumping changed my life – and how it'll change yours.
  • What the scientists are saying. Need proof? I don't blame you – that's why I'll tell you what some of the world's finest minds are saying.
  • PLUS: The unbelievable tale of Sarah Zuniga. How Quantum Jumping transformed a minimum wage housemaid into a highly successful businesswoman.

Quantum Jumping 101Once you've gone through this rich multimedia course on the subconscious mind for yourself, you'll have a firm understanding of Quantum Jumping, what it can do, and how it's going to change your life.

Get the free Quantum Jumping introduction here: The Inter-Dimensional Quest For A Better You




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