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Breaking the Parallel Universe Barrier

India Daily

Breaking the barrier of our four dimensional “physical” universe into the realm of parallel universes is the ultimate goal of science and technology. The extraterrestrials have achieved it and they use it all the time to get things done starting from travel to communication.

The recent research results in this area are showing extremely promising results. Not only scientists are getting early breakthroughs, they are also able to model the realms of parallel universe. Many are themselves surprised at the rate of progress.

The whole technology involves creating special electromagnetic field changes in a confined area. When the desired results are achieved, the traditional quantum physics and laws of gravity, matter, inertia, density all fails. What holds partially is Einstein’s theory of relativity. The immediate parallel Universe is where our subconscious mind can traverse and communicate with other similar or receptive minds.

But there are many innumerable other parallel universes. According to some researchers, once we are out of the fish bowl that is out of our universe of physical things, traversing from one parallel universe to another is not that tough. It is not yet clear if the paranormal phenomenon is part of the immediate parallel universe or higher dimensional parallel universes. Researchers believe that there are close to seven parallel Universe and possibly many more. What travels from one universe to the other is the electromagnetic source of energy. This energy is in our soul, in the center and allover a planet, a star, a constellation, a galaxy and so on.

Moving from parallel universe to another needs electromagnetic energy shields. It can happen through the power of the brain that can emit electromagnetic field changes. It can be created mechanically. A lot of research is taking place to create modulation devices that aide a normal human brain to break the realm of our universe and float into other parallel universe.

Most likely this concept came from reverse engineering the extraterrestrials who can easily communicate to a mind with the help of parallel universe and higher dimensional traversing of the though process.

SOURCE: India Daily

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