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Past Life Regression with Isochronic Tones
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Have you heard of the term Genetic Memory or Inherited Knowledge? While the interpretation can vary depending on who’s wielding it, the concept is basically this: more than just hair color and a predisposition to certain conditions gets passed down to you in your DNA from your predecessors.

Many people claim to have fragmented memories of times from the distant past, and if you’ve ever encountered these thoughts/visions yourself, or if you’ve read about the unexplainable cases of savants who “instinctively” can play piano without a single lesson, it can make you wonder if actual snippets of our ancestors’ experiences could be impressed into our own genetics.

So are we born again down the family line, or at least does some of us remain with our descendants? It’s a curious thing for sure. Note that in some traditions, the soul was/is viewed as a complex of parts, and not a single entity entirely separate from the body.

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Scientific Theories

What about the person who has experienced past-life regression while working with a psychologist, but the revealed “past-life” could not possibly be from a direct ancestor? Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious could provide insight in this case; that these genetic memories could actually cross family lines through some sort of connected repository of experiences. Still another possible explanation for the transference of information telepathically is biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance hypothesis. Fascinating stuff if you’ve never read it before.

Many cultures around the world believe (or believed) in some form of reincarnation, and most of us want to think there’s something after this plane of existence. And it’s hard to think of after, without also entertaining the idea of what came before. Some of the most compelling scientific evidence regarding reincarnation and past-life regression comes from psychiatrist Jim B. Tucker M.D. who’s done exhaustive research into the subject of young children who recount past lives, and he ties quantum mechanics into the mix. Namely that consciousness creates the universe (not the other way around) and therefore consciousness is not dependent upon the material in order to exist.

Let’s face it: the afterlife/past-life is about as speculative a subject as one can tackle; and we’re not going to crack the code in this post! For a person who is truly interested in exploring the matter there are a couple of routes to take. One is reading the works of philosophers, religious teachers, and gurus – and even theoretical physicists may have some interesting ideas to offer here, as it’s one of the few branches of science that doesn’t pretend everything is already known!

Studying these works can definitely take your mind to a deeper understanding, but it’s probably only through another route, personal gnosis – experiential knowledge – that we can come close to truly “getting it” when it comes to such metaphysical concepts.

Meditation is one way to acquire gnosis. But unless you’re an extremely well-practiced psychonaut, you may find it difficult to explore past-life regression on your own like this. Specially trained hypnotherapists and psychologists can also aid in this pursuit, but you’ve got to find the right one, and hope that you’re not being too “guided” during the process.

We engineered our Past-Life Regression Isochronic tone audio recording as a way to explore this realm of pre-existence through meditation. It was formulated with a precise manipulation of theta waves designed to get your mind quickly to that deep meditative state where an altered state of consciousness can happen. Users relate that they feel a heightened awareness as though they are viewing things through the “third eye” or pineal gland.

Is it safe to explore past-life regression on your own?

We’ve been asked this from time to time and it’s worth reiterating that there is a one HUGE difference between attempting past-life regression through meditation, and attempting it through hypnosis induced by another. When meditating in this state, YOU are in control, so there’s no fear of having a “traumatic experience” by digging up something dark from a past life. Since no one is confining you to a hypnotic state, you are free to “punch out” at any point in your journey.

The type of experience varies greatly between meditative and hypnotic sessions. When a qualified therapist puts you under, in many cases you become less conscious of everything around you, and maybe even completely “out”. You have surrendered some control to the therapist to effectively guide you through the journey. And of course there is nothing wrong with hypnosis by a qualified therapist. These are just two completely different paths to Past-Life Regression, and we don’t say that one is “better” than another.

In meditation however, especially when using brainwave entrainment like Isochronic tones, people report that they actually become more conscious of their surroundings, even as they dive deeply into themselves. (It’s hard to capture in words, but if you’ve done it, you get it.) Meditation leaves the practitioner completely in the driver’s seat, and we all know it’s hard enough to stay in that deep place. So naturally, you will automatically drop out of it if the journey becomes uncomfortable in any way.


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