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How to Use The Power of Appreciation to Get What You Want

By Karim Hajee
Author of
Creating Power

If you knew that you attract more of what you want in life by simply appreciating what you have - would you do it? I mean would you really take the time to appreciate all the positive, good and terrific things in your life - no matter how small they are - if you knew that in return you would get more of those great things and you would also get everything that you wanted?

If you said yes - then it's time to start appreciating all those wonderful things in your life - because when you do - you'll be applying what I call The Power Of Appreciation - when you work with it properly - you'll get what you want and more.

In this article I'll outline exactly how the Power Of Appreciation works, how you can apply it in your everyday life and how you can work with the Power of Appreciation to dramatically improve the quality of your life and the lives of those around you.

Everyday we're presented with new challenges - but in each day we are also given a number of rewards and too often we fail to appreciate them - simple things like nature and it's awesome power, a great meal, a good friend, a kind act, a job, a paycheck - we fail to appreciate all of these little things.

When was the last time you took a moment to truly appreciate everything that you have in life. There is tremendous power in appreciation - because when you take time to appreciate something you attract more of the same.

How The Power Of Appreciation Works

When you appreciate something you almost always experience some emotion or feeling. For example: if you take a moment to appreciate the time you have with your family or a loved one you'll sense some emotion - you're going to feel good about this because you're focusing on the positive aspects of the family or loved one. These feelings or emotions that you utilize when you appreciate someone will attract more positive things and more positive people into your life.


Whatever you focus on you will attract, whatever emotions you attach to what you focus on -- you will attract in greater quantity.

If you focus on something positive you will attract more positive situations. If you focus on something negative - you will attract more negative situations. Here's an example of how focusing on something negative can make your life worse.

If you spend most of your day complaining, worrying, thinking about what could go wrong, thinking about what you don't have, thinking about all that is wrong with your life - you'll only attract more of that - and if you attach emotion to those thoughts - then you're going to attract what you don't want in greater quantities and it will happen much more quickly.

Take a look at what you regularly think about and then see if you attach any feeling to those thoughts. For example: if everyday you think about not having enough money and you have this sinking feeling when you think about that - then look at the results: has life improved in any way since you started having those thoughts?

By regularly having negative thoughts and thoughts of doom and gloom - you'll only attract more of the same. When you work with the Power of Appreciation you suddenly stop having negative thoughts and you actually start attracting more positive things into your life.

The Power of Appreciation starts working for you the minute you start appreciating the things that you have in life - try it and watch the emotional shift you enjoy.

Take a moment to appreciate something in your life. It can be anything - you can appreciate the meal you had at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a conversation you had with a friend - anything.

Now when you do that your mind shifts, your focus shifts, your emotions shift and the energy you send out shifts. Instead of focusing on something negative and attracting more negative situations - you start feeling better and you start attracting more positive situations into your life. Which would you enjoy more? Feeling good about something or feeling down and out about something. Attracting positive situations or attracting negative situations?

I know what some of you will say -- "Karim, the reality is that there are not a lot of great things to appreciate. Sure I could find something but I still have to find a way to pay the bills, and get out of this rut that I am in." Yes you do - and here's the best part - when you work with the Power of Appreciation you will actually attract the situations that you want to improve your life. You will find a way to pay off the bills and you will climb out of that rut that you are in -- it's really that simple.

How To Apply The Power Of Appreciation

So now that you understand how the Power of Appreciation works and how it can dramatically improve the quality of your I'm going to give you a formula that will propel you to success if you apply it consistently for 60-consecutive days.

Here's what you should do.

Everyday when you wake up in the morning Appreciate the new day that you have. It's a chance to start fresh, make a difference, have a positive impact on someone, share your generosity or perform a kind act. This is a fresh start - a day that will never happen again. You can do this while you're taking a shower, getting ready for work, making or eating breakfast or on your way to work.

Later in the day - after you've been consumed with work for a few hours, usually at about lunch time is a good time to do this next exercise - find something that has already taken place during the day or the day before that you can appreciate. Simply find one thing that you really appreciate - it can be anything - small or large - it doesn't matter. Just fill yourself up with that feeling of appreciation.

At the end of your day - preferably in the early evening, perhaps on your way home from work - take a few moments to appreciate the people you enjoy being with. This process allows you to continue enjoying their presence in your life while at the same time attracting more, positive people into your life. Try to think of a different person everyday.

Finally as you go to bed at night - simply appreciate all the wonderful things that happened during the day. Don't limit yourself to appreciating only the big things that took place - appreciate the little things that happened during the day. Sometimes you may feel your day was overwhelming and you may even call it a bad day. Really there are no bad days - just bad ways of looking at things. And if you still feel that you truly had a bad day - at least you got through it and survived - that's something you can appreciate.

I know some of you may say: "Karim, this is all well and good - but some days I just don't have anything to appreciate - I'm really in the dumps." It's never really that bad and if you start searching - you'll find something to appreciate - even a nice meal that you had. You may have had it alone, you may have had it late - but at least you got one. There are millions of people who aren't even that fortunate - so appreciate what you have and you'll see more positive things flow into your life.

Students who work with my Creating Power System learn how to train their mind to focus on what they want and in the process direct their subconscious mind to create the life they want. When you utilize the Power of Appreciation you tell your subconscious mind that you are ready to attract positive situations, people and events into your life. With Creating Power you'll learn how to do this and much more and you'll see the results sooner than you expect.

Karim Hajee

Karim Hajee is the creator of The Creating Power System