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The Astonishing Creative Power of Sound

By Alex Goumakos / Source: Mind Power Soundscapes

The other day while driving home from a 'challenging' business meeting, I heard a song on the radio which instantly took me back to another time and place.

The tune playing on the radio was my high school prom song and the moment it began, my mind shifted gears and I immediately let go of all the stress and tension I was feeling.

I started thinking about my lovely prom date and how beautiful she looked in her prom gown.

I easily recalled, with amazing clarity, the magnificent sunny day of the prom, the shiny, freshly waxed car we drove in, and especially the captivating scent of my girlfriend’s perfume.

Problems? What problems? I was in a whole new frame of mind and relishing every moment of it.

"Music has charms to soothe a savage beast." - William Congreve

Although the event happened over 26 years ago, in my minds eye I remembered everything as if it all happened yesterday.

To say that I was overcome by strong emotional feelings, would be an understatement. That prom was one of the many wonderful experiences I had during my teenage years. It always makes me happy to think about it.

And here’s an important lesson: Success demands a high level of emotional well-being day in and day out. In order to maintain that high level, it’s critical that you leverage any success or personal accomplishment that you’ve had in the past. Think about them. Relish them. And USE those feelings as often as you can in your current undertakings.

"Your past successes — and the feelings surrounding them — are launching pads which can help blast you off into higher levels of accomplishment."

As for me, what originally started out as a stressful and aggravating day, ended up being a day filled with peace, joy and contentment. All I did was replace my current negative mood with a positive one from my past.

I not only had a wonderfully productive day from that point on, but the feelings generated by that one song also carried me through the next few days.

And what caused this abrupt and much needed transformation in my disposition?

...The Astonishing Creative Power of Sound

And just about everyone has had a similar experience at one point or another. You hear a sound or a piece of music and instantly you can recall something that happened a long time ago.

Sometimes these memories are so vivid, you can recall particular smells (like fresh bread baking in your grandmother’s oven), specific sounds (like the rustle of leaves on a windy day) and even sensations (such as wet sand between your toes from a day at the beach or a kiss from a lover or spouse).

Some people have such vivid and intense recollections that they actually give themselves 'goose bumps'.

Music — and specifically sound — is an incredibly powerful and creative energy.

Sound can open up a direct channel to your powerful subconscious mind, that universal mind — the God mind — where all power dwells and where all things are possible.

If you’re not using music or sound in your daily success practice, you aren’t doing all you can to accomplish your goals.

The Ancients Knew All About The Incredible Power and Potential of Sound

Since time immemorial, mystics, priests, shamans and medicine men in many different parts of the world have used rhythm, chants and drum beats as principle tools in rituals and ceremonies to promote healing, enlist the divine help of spirits and to achieve altered states of consciousness.

Many cultures skillfully use sounds and tones in their prayers and rituals even to this day. For example…

  • A trance dance performed by the !Kung Bushmen of Africa has enormous healing power as has been documented in numerous anthropological studies.
  • The Navajo people of the American Southwest use healing rituals known as 'singings' which they believe opens up a pathway between man and divine gods. Many miraculous healings have been reported.
  • Tibetan chanting and repeating of mantras has long been recognized as an effective aid to help facilitate altered states of consciousness during meditation.
  • The ancient Indian spiritual practice of Nada Yoga stresses inner transformation using sound and tone. This teaching tells us that there is a specific connection between sound frequencies and the individual chakras.

Clearly, sound and music was (and still is) considered a powerful force of nature…

It has an impact on our health, our emotions, our feelings, and — as we are now discovering — our state of mind.

The fact is, modern science is now confirming what the ancients knew thousands of years ago; that sound is an astonishing creative energy.

Used correctly, sound and music have the power to transform your life.

Everything in the Universe is Made up of Vibrating Energy

Everything in the universe vibrates and is made up of energy. You, me, this website, and even the thoughts you are having right now.

Sound and music are no different.

In fact, musical notes vibrate at specific cycles per second. When a note or chord is played on a guitar, for example, the corresponding energy vibrates.

This vibrating energy moves out into the surrounding environment and enters our bodies and alters our blood pressure, breathing, muscle tension and skin temperature.

Here’s the amazing thing: Besides using your ears to "hear" a piece of music, you are also experiencing it in many other ways; physically, mentally, spiritually and even unconsciously.

Music is so much more than a mere melody or song. It has creative — as well as destructive — power.

Numerous studies have shown that plants exposed to classical music actually thrive and grow faster than plants exposed to no music at all.

The same studies have also shown that plants exposed to rock and heavy metal music actually deteriorate and die rather quickly.

Even four-month-old human fetuses respond in very specific ways to sound; if exposed to loud music, their heart beat will accelerate. And just the opposite will occur when a fetus is exposed to soft, relaxing music.

The fact is, sound is an energy which we can "feel" as well as hear.

Studies Suggest That Sound Can Even Rearrange Physical Objects

The science of Cymatics, discovered by Swiss scientist Hans Jenny, is the study of wave phenomena. Cymatics visually demonstrates that sound has the power to shape matter.

Jenny’s experiments showed that fine powders, such as sand and iron filings, actually arrange themselves into intricate patterns when sound waves are aimed at them.

Scientists suggest that these changes occur through the manipulation of energy fields.

Since human beings are made up of energy too, sound has the potential to create changes in us as well.

This is perhaps one explanation for the miraculous healings which take place during the rituals and ceremonies I described earlier; certain sound frequencies have a healing effect on the body’s energy field.

"Music sets up a certain vibration which unquestionably results in a physical reaction." - George Gershwin

How to Use Sound to Create What You Want in Life

If music can help heal your body, enhance learning and cause plants to grow faster, I believe that it also can be used to help you achieve your goals.


By making "sound therapy" an integral part of your daily self-improvement practice.

Remember, in order to achieve more than the crowd, you have to think more than the crowd.

The concept is simple…

The subconscious mind controls how you react to the world. Fears, habits, desires, and personality traits all stem from associations you have in your subconscious mind.

By changing these subconscious associations and patterns, you can change the way you think and act. You can overcome all of those bad habits, emotional reactions and fears that block and sabotage your success.

You can even install new patterns and associations, like having a prosperity consciousness, a winning attitude and so forth.

And the way you can accomplish this is to use sound as part of your meditation and visualization practice.

When you meditate on your goals or visualize your success, do it with sound!

Supercharge Your Meditation and Visualization Sessions

It’s no secret that visualization and meditation are highly potent personal success tools.

Visualization — and especially meditation — provide enormous mental, physical and spiritual benefits.

The scientific research conducted over the last few decades is unquestionably clear: during meditation, a person’s mind operates at optimal efficiency.

Why not supercharge your efforts by adding music or sounds to your meditation and visualization sessions?

If you're already listening to soothing music or sounds while you're 'going within', that’s wonderful. You’re ahead of the game.

But did you know that there are certain sounds and kinds of music which are much better than others in achieving results?

Of course, millions of people listen to sounds and music each day. But do they really know how to USE it as a self-development tool?


In order to fully benefit from the amazing healing and creative energy inherent in sound and music, you must first learn what kind of sound and music to listen to. The fact is, not all sounds and music are good for you.

Next, you must learn how to properly “listen”.

Most people tend to use sound and music as an acoustic background. But in order to unleash sound and music’s incredible creative powers, you must listen in a focused and specific manner.

Here Are 5 Tips to Maximize Your Meditation and Visualization Sessions Using Sound:

1) The music must inspire you and evoke deep feelings. Thinking about what you want isn’t enough. You have to FEEL IT. And if you’re not feeling particularly happy or inspired one day, simply choose a piece of music that’s going to put you in the right frame of mind.

2) You must suspend any kind of intellectual activity like trying to think about the band playing the tune, what instruments are being used and so on. You have to let the music completely flow throughout your consciousness without any thinking about it on your part.

3) Music should be of high artistic quality. Keep in mind, music is energy! High quality music tends to have more positive energy while lower quality music tends to give off negative energy. Plants don’t die listening to heavy metal music for no reason. That kind of music is loaded with uninviting energy. Stay away from it for purposes of meditation. Choose peaceful and slow moving pieces instead. Leave the high octane stuff for your exercise workouts.

4) Music or sounds which incorporate brainwave synchronization technology are ideal. This includes binaural beats, isochronic and monaural tones and filtered natural sounds. These types of sounds can actually facilitate meditation and help you to achieve altered states of consciousness such as the "Theta" state, which is associated with creativity, deep meditation and access to the subconscious mind.

5) Natural sounds are excellent meditation and visualization aids. Nothing connects us to nature and life as do natural sounds such as birds, oceans, country streams, rain showers, waterfalls and so on. This is one of my personal favorites. And the great thing is that natural sounds are all around us.

Personally, I find regular music hard to focus with. Instead, I prefer to meditate using natural sounds or soundscapes.

Soundscapes are simply environmental sounds, such as ocean waves, rain, wind, waterfalls, birds, crickets and so forth.

In my opinion, there’s nothing like a natural sound environment to help deepen relaxation and prepare the subconscious mind for reprogramming.

And if you combine these kinds of sounds with powerful brainwave entrainment technology (as I discussed above), you have an incredibly effective and potent tool for creating results.

Remember, if used properly, sound can enhance your experience when you meditate or visualize.

If you aren’t using sound and music as part of your daily success practice, consider doing so…

There’s an astonishing creative energy in sound that you could be using to your advantage.

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