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See Your Future with Princess Diana's Astrologer

Source: Enlightened Astrology with Debbie Frank

Forget what you know about astrology.

Forget the whole idea of horoscopes.

They are for restaurant placemats or the back of Cosmo magazine.

Instead, look at astrology through the lens of energy as you would look at Diamond Feng Shui (the energy of our environment) or Spring Forest Qigong (the energy of our body).

Astrology is about how the energy of the galaxy affects our lives.

After thousands of years of observation and collected wisdom, we know how it influences us both positively and negatively. We know what it means to us. We know how it gets us into effortless flow and how it can stop us cold, which is all very practical information.

And because the planets and stars move through the galaxy in cycles, we can predict how the energy affects us at any given point in our lives.

Introducing your newest mentor, Debbie Frank

Debbie Frank was Princess Diana’s astrologer for nine years.

In an exclusive collaboration with Learning Strategies, Debbie has agreed to help us understand astrology in a complimentary online session next Tuesday. Don’t worry, if you miss or can’t make it live, you will get a video recording of the session.  You can get a Free Pass here...

Debbie’s writings have appeared in international publications for decades. Her personal mentoring of Princess Diana between 1989 and 1997 has made her a popular guest on network television about the Princess and the new royals.

Most recently Debbie was guest on Meghan Markle: An American Princess on FOX TV in May 2018, ABC News The Last 100 Days of Diana in May 2017, and the TLC Network documentary Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason in July 2017.

Debbie FrankDebbie is regularly interviewed by E! Entertainment and BBC Two's Daily Politics as a guest of Andrew Neil where she gives analysis on politicians and trends.

Debbie has authored six major books: Written in the Stars, Birth Signs, Baby Signs, Debbie Frank’s Cosmic Ordering Guide to Life, Love & Happiness, and The Law of Attraction for Love.

Debbie works on-going with a host of international celebrities, royalty, and CEOs. She is a catalyst to make profound shifts in actualizing their (YOUR!) purpose, happiness, and personal evolution.

This is Next Gen Astrology

Debbie Frank’s form of astrology, which she calls Enlightened Astrology, modernizes the ancient wisdom so it is practical and relevant for our modern society, our unique needs, and our personal growth and transformation.

Learn who you are

Debbie put it like this: “Your chart is a mystical code of your entire existence. Understanding your chart is like circumventing ten years of therapy. It is a psychic x-ray of who you are. It shines great light on your purpose and how to live it.”

If something is not right in your life, Enlightened Astrology can help peel back all the layers to see in graphic detail what kind of messages you received in your childhood from your parents, school, siblings, and others.

It can show when the messages were planted that keep repeating, causing the same issue again and again.

And Debbie’s method shows you what to do.

Understand others

Enlightened Astrology makes it clear why someone else is different… or why they do things that challenge us… or why they bring us joy. That’s important whether you share a bed with them or an office. Understanding others makes it easier to succeed.

Heal yourself

There’s an aspect to astrology called “medical astrology” that can help heal your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Debbie knows how to use this to keep yourself and your energy field in ultimate wellness.

Understand consciousness

Debbie helps you see the massive spiritual component to your chart that can awaken you to the Truth of Existence. If you’re active in your spiritual journey, astrology can open invisible doors.

We all want to live a life we dream about. Yet it’s easy to get side tracked by whatever comes our way, but why? We are all in constant motion. New things come at us all the time. But you can get ahold of all that energy and live greatly!

Enlightened Astrology reveals your super power

Debbie’s unique form of psychological, spiritual, and healing wisdom has evolved from decades of training, client work, writing, and teaching. Her warm and witty style combines with penetrating perception and insights to give you instant access to her mastery and your super power.

I cannot wait for you to meet her. Please join Debbie LIVE in an eye-opening video session next Tuesday, January 15. You can get a Free Pass from Learning Strategies here.

You will be wonderfully entertained, and you will learn aspects of yourself hidden up to now.
Debbie has worked with thousands of people. She knows astrology inside out and is a leading light in combining astrology with accessible spiritual and insightful wisdom. She’s ready for you.

It is written in the stars that you will see herTuesday!! Why else have you read this far? It’s meant to be.

P.S. - What will you learn from the free session?

You will learn about yourself.

Debbie will open your eyes to your own energy field, and how understanding astrology can make you shine like the star you are.

Debbie FrankYou’ll see why issues keep coming up for you year after year. For some people, these are financial issues. For others, relationships. Or work, or health, or something. Whatever it is, most of us have them, and they point directly to the energetic influences on your life that can be explained – and cleared – through astrology.

Don’t worry, if you miss or can’t make it live, you will get a video recording of the session. 

Simply sign-up here...


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