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Lightning Strike Gives Man Psychic Powers

Source: Pune Mirror

A Sydney photographer who survived a near hit by a bolt of lightning claims that the experience left him with superhuman strength and made him psychic, giving him the power to 'hear' people's thoughts.

Brian Skinner uploaded footage of his experience and it has quickly gone viral, with 80,000 people viewing it. "It was a very close call, it was probably within five metres of directly hitting me," Skinner told the Daily Mail.

His partner Julia filmed the incident while he was snapping photos of a storm on the NSW coast when suddenly there was an crack and brilliant flash of light, the report said.

Skinner's life was saved because his body was not fully struck by the lightning, but as soon as he got into his car he found his hand had blackened, Daily Mirror reported. The bolt flattened the gold ring on his hand, which felt like "it had been hit by a sledge hammer". The report quoted Skinner as saying, "For about a week, I had heightened sensory capabilities. I could see things you normally can't see and hear long distance. I even had psychic abilities. It was the weirdest experience, I'd look at people and could hear what they were saying like they were talking to me."

He said that if someone walked into a room, he knew exactly what they were about to say before they said it. He also claimed he gained temporary superhuman strength, but that such powers have since vanished and his normal sensory functions soon righted themselves.


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