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Bizarre Inventions include Wooden Pyramid to See Guardian Angels


Mikhail Shalayev is a senior research assistant at the St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia; however, the man is better known for his unusual inventions. Mikhail engineers and builds pyramids, makes biocurrent indicators and other unusual constructions.

A journalist of the Smena newspaper once became a subject of the inventor"s inquiry, and the experiment turned out to be a surprise even for Mikhail Shalayev himself. At first, Mikhail used a device he had invented to measure the journalist"s bioenergetics. He applied the base contact to the man"s navel and with the other contact he touched his acupuncture points on the hands and legs. Some figures appeared on the monitor of a small device resembling a TV remote control unit.

The researcher can say if this or that organ is healthy or diseased judging by the indications on the monitor. The method is unique, Mikhail say, because the researcher does not let the current go through the body and just measures the existing biocurrents; the results of such measurements allow him to diagnose any disease.

Mikhail Shalayev engineered a wooden construction resembling a crystal with seven apices, which he calls "semyramida". "Odd numbers symbolize life; that is why I say the Egypt pyramids are not really safe, as they reveal the 6th apex when projected in some particular way. Special preparation is required even to get into my "semyramida", the inventor says. These are irradiation with a special lamp and a prayer. These measures are some sort of a live vaccine: the lamp kills viruses and negative information on the human body; and the prayer protects from the evil forces. One who wishes to get into the construction must be obligatorily positively-minded.

When the journalist got inside of the construction he closed the eyes. But even though the eyes were closed, the man could see gold dots and lines forming into a DNA spiral; and then an unknown representation of face appeared there. The face looked wise and experienced, but the journalist knew no people living who might resemble the face. The inventor insists that was the face of the journalist's guardian angel.

Mikhail Shalayev says that he receives only those people whom he likes. For example, Mikhail says that angels prohibited to let famous artist Mikhail Shemyakin inside of the "semyramida". At the same time, the unique construction helped many people restore their health, and even several disabled people became able-bodied again thanks to the invention.

The inventor has several pyramids made of wood standing in the corners of his rooms. He says, the special effects of the pyramids help him keep food fresh. What is more, ordinary cognac has turned into vintage cognac after it was kept in the pyramid for some time. Other food that was put into the pyramids after saying a prayer got even much better there.

Mikhail Shalayev says it is important to choose the right wood for making pyramids. Cherry wood, apple-tree wood will do and aspen is obligatory, as this "vampire" wood exhausts the negative energy. "These types of wood harmonize the frequency responses of people or food, and thus make them better. People may even become younger," the inventor says.

SOURCE: Pravda

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