Have You Died? Take the Quantum Immortality Test

By Shelly Fagan / Medium

Have you had an unexplained accident where you should have died, but due to same random stroke of amazing luck, you managed to survive?

Were you ever so ill, you narrowly escaped death?

Afterwards, did you remember events differently from those around you?

One possible explanation is that you may have indeed experienced death in another timeline, but your consciousness continued in an alternate reality.

The Head On Collision

Jerry had one such experience. He asked for his identity remain secret because he doesn't want people to "think he is crazy."

"I know how this sounds," he said. "I have been trying to figure this out for ten years. My family won't talk to me about it."

Jerry was driving on a highway when a pickup truck going the opposite direction crossed the center line. It happened so quickly, he didn't have time to swerve.

"The truck was so close, I couldn't react," Jerry said. "There was no avoiding it. We were going 65 or 70 miles per hour, and I knew I wouldn't survive." He shut his eyes and braced for impact.

"I waited two, three seconds, but there was no crash, no sound of tires screeching," Jerry said. "I opened my eyes and we were past the point of the collision and much further down the road than we should have been if we had simply missed each other. I looked in my rear view mirror, the truck was moving away from us, also much further away than it should have been, and no longer in our lane. The whole thing was just. . . impossible."

While he brushed off the glitch as some sort of one-time seizure episode, Jerry noticed other strange things in the days that followed. The biggest difference occurred at his job.

"I used to get along great with everyone at the warehouse, especially my boss who was also a good friend," Jerry said. "After that day on the highway, everyone was suddenly hostile. My boss became an alcoholic within a few weeks and turned into a giant asshole. We were constantly butting heads over things that he said happened in the past, but I swear did not happen. I quit a few months later."

Jerry also noticed strangers were different, more impatient and impolite. "People seemed to deliberately move in front of me, blocking my path," he said. "Something fundamental in my reality shifted."

Navigating the world became much more difficult. Success had been easy before and was now out of reach. Finding a new job was much more difficult than it had been in the past despite having high demand skills. There were other changes in popular culture, some were subtle and other more overt and bizarre.

"I don't talk about the shift because when I do, people get angry for no reason. I really think something happened with that accident and I am living in an alternate reality."

Many people report disturbing experiences such as lifelong friends moving away without notice, family members behaving oddly, relationships deteriorating, and even physical changes in their own bodies, like new scars or disappearing moles.

Much of the change centers on shared memories of the past that do not match documented reality.
There are forums online where these individual share their experiences.

Quantum Immortality

Quantum immortality started as a thought experiment in the late 1980s, and later was more fully developed by physicist and cosmologist Max Tegmark. It suggests we may die many times throughout our lives. With each passing, our consciousness moves, slides, jumps or shifts to the closest timeline, very similar to the one where we died.

It is a concept that was combined with other ideas and morphed into what Jerry and others suggest could have happened, among other potential explanations. These ideas and application of the concepts lie outside the realm of science, but have been embraced by many of those who believe they have experienced such a shift.

While science and skeptics may not agree, others are not so quick to dismiss the idea. There are reports of near death experiences which validate these beliefs.

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