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The Extraordinary World of Remote Viewing & Out-of-Body Experiences

By James F. Coyle,
Author of Teach Yourself Remote Influencing

Throughout history there have always been individuals who possessed the amazing ability to "see" things either at a distant place or at a distant time, both past and future.

But it wasn't until around 20 years ago that serious research was started by scientific groups.

They found that the human mind had the amazing ability to "see" events at a distance even though under normal circumstances the "viewer" had no knowledge of these events.

They further found that under certain mind-states a person could "see" reasonably accurately into the future or into the past. Not only that but distance didn't matter.

Successful Remote Viewing has been achieved over a distance of 6000 miles!

Princeton University, Stanford Research Institute and the Monroe Institute carried out extensive research into this effect, which eventually became known as Remote Viewing.

In fact the results created such a stir in the scientific world that the United States Government took an interest in it and the matter of Remote Viewing was raised in Congress.

This was in 1981 - the advances in Remote Viewing have been quite spectacular since then and now that the disassembled Russian federation can no longer afford to pay its parapsychology research scientists, many have immigrated to work for United States research firms, so knowledge in this field is taking quantum leaps.

So what then is remote viewing? And how similar is it to a controlled out-of-body experience?

Both appear to be very similar in result but appear to work in a different manner.

Most people have had some sort of out-of-body experience (OBE) during their lives. This may occur during a dream when they clearly visualise themselves flying or visiting different places. Usually the vision is extroadinarily clear and colourful and often can be remembered quite vividly. Also the person often has considerable control over the OBE.

The people who have learnt to have OBE's intentionally at one of the lengthy courses in the U.S. can induce them at will and obtain incredibly accurate information about something at a distance. Similarly people who have taken a Remote Viewing (RV) course can obtain similar information but the quality of the information is different to that obtained from OBE's.

Remote Viewers who want accurate information about an event in the future use a process called "Associated Remote Viewing" whereby the target being viewed is represented as an object such as a ball, watch, pen, fork, etc. They then "view" to see which object appears in their mind and this object is then associated with the actual future event. There are at least two groups in the States using this to predict stock market prices some days ahead. This was reported some years ago in various business journals and the accuracy of predictions was startling.

It was highly controversial at the time but these days it is an accepted fact. Specialised remote viewing organisations do serious work for oil companies and other big businesses where every piece of information is considered valuable.

The general public are basically unaware of RV and will probably remain that way for the forseeable future, so any individual or group who goes to the trouble to investigate this sixth sense process will probably find thay have a tremendous personal and business advantage over others.

How the RV Process Works

The "viewer" spends some time relaxing to get down to the alpha or theta state. They are then asked by their interviewer (the interviewer is not strictly necessary but in a commercial situation is found to produce more accurate results) to visualise a certain situation, set of map co-ordinates, or whatever. The viewer focusses and then either verbalises or draws diagrams of what they "sense". An experienced interviewer can lead the viewer to give detailed information about the subject matter which might otherwise have been missed.

The amazing thing about this process is that virtually anyone can do it! Particularly those who are already capable of personal alpha or theta control. But it takes constant practice and training.

Some people are more naturally inclined to OBE's while others find RVing easier.
Some of the more experienced American viewers use a mind machine to put them in the right mental state to start with. This sometimes saves several hours of otherwise time consuming "cooling down".

It is quite often easier for the beginner to use an alpha/theta tape or programmed mind-machine to help induce the mental state necessary for both OBE's and RV.

To become totally proficient at Remote Viewing takes around 18 months of constant practice, but that extroadinary human event known as the "novice effect" generally means that RV beginners sometimes have quite startling successes.

Beginner's "Luck" Wins an RV Jackpot

The author of this report was able to remote view the exact layout of an overseas casino (which was totally unknown to him) and furthermore was able to identify a particular machine which was due to pay a jackpot. During a subsequent overseas business trip he was able to visit this casino and found that the layout of the establishment was exactly as the RV information indicated. The concrete driveway was where it should have been... so were the 4 concrete columns in front... the gardens on each side... the views of the harbour from the front steps... all the reflective glass inside (which were actually glass showcases but RV'd as mirrors)... the giant chandelier... and the actual layout of the poker machines which were arranged in a large curve (this was the clearest view of all).

It came as no surprise to him when one of the (approximately) targeted machines paid a small jackpot, which was sufficient to cover his airfare and basic expenses. This experience (which was slightly unnerving) went a long way to convince this author that RVing worked!!!

The funny thing about RVing is that the size of the target doesn't matter. The Silva Mind Course I went to had us remote viewing inside small cubes of metal. The experience was uncanny as I could actually sense the coldness and metallic taste of the metal. Most of the people on the course (all rank beginners) were successful in this experiment.

During an OBE experience involving a small target most viewers report that they appear to be able to observe the atomic structure (or something similar) of the object. They also report that an OBE view of a target gives a much clearer and detailed picture than a Remote View.

One of the easiest ways to practice Remote Viewing by yourself is, as you wake up in the morning (in the alpha state) and before you open your eyes, to picture your clock and the exact time shown on the dial.

After a bit of practice you will probably be quite amazed to find that you get it exactly right more often than not. As you get better at it (and gain more confidence) you will find yourself able to do this at any time of the day or night. When this happens you start to become very impressed with your previously unknown mental abilities.

The professional RVers claim that anything can be targeted. Any group, person, thought, object, event, place, occurrance or concept can be targeted, either in real-time or past/future time.

Rather scary, isn't it? And the most unsettling thing is that remote viewing cannot be easily blocked!

One highly experienced American RVer has investigated at length apparent structures on Mars and also placed his viewing facilities inside an atomic bomb at the point of detonation. There appears to be absolutely no limit to what can be viewed.


Sort of makes you wonder where all this knowledge has been hidden, doesn't it?
And when the US Congress takes an interest in it and the scientists at such institutions as Princeton University spend a fair portion of their working lives and funds on the subject, you get the feeling that remote Viewing is not going to go away, merely because the skeptics say it can't work!

The strange thing about RVing and OBEing is that your mind always gets the target required, even if it is presented to you only as a set of map co-ordinates. It is almost like a highly efficient universal telephone exchange. You mentally "dial the number" and get connected.

I can see enormous advantages for the serious business person in this field in the same manner that computer technology has changed the way a lot of businesses work. Twenty years from now RVing might wll become part of standard busines practice.

Even if this field seems "too far out" for you, please keep an open mind. Look where computer technology has gone in the past 20 years. If you'd told me in 1975 that I'd have my business based around 3 computers in 1995 I probably would have laughed at you. I seriously expect to have "full on" Remote Viewing involved in my business within 2 years! (It's getting that way now).

The one thing that is concerning the professional RVers is the ethical code of the whole situation. As more and more people get involved there will be those whose moral "line on the ground" is in a different position to yours. There is no effective way to guard against this at the moment except to become familiar with the process so that you are always one step ahead.

The more you practice this type of mental activity... the more you open up your right-brain intuitive channels. There is no telling where it might lead to and it is 100% safe because that is how your mind was intended to function. Until now you have probably been unaware of that fact!

James F. Coyle is the author of Beyond Belief. His latest book is Teach Yourself Remote Influencing. Learn more at

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