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How Does Remote Healing Work?

By Noam Bar / Source:

Picture the following scenario: You are suffering from an unexplained pain in your wrist for several weeks now. Your orthopedist instructs a treatment to ease the pain, but unfortunately the pain is back after a few weeks. The same scenario repeats itself over and over again, but the source of the pain is still unknown. Desperately, you are willing to try a different approach and schedule, via an internet site, a "remote treatment" (a treatment which is performed remotely with no need for you to leave home).

Although it is still not part of the mainstream, the remote treatment (or distance treatment) lately becomes more popular. It appears that people are more open minded these days, and are willing to try unconventional methods in order to eliminate the source of their pain, or other troubling symptoms. These symptoms generally have a negative impact on their quality of life.

Symptoms may include not only pain in several body organs (such as: back, ears, headache), but also emotional behavior (such as: fears, anxiety, phobias and many more). This, of course, is not a recommendation to discontinue/change any medical treatment.

There are quite a number of skeptical people, who argue against a remote treatment. Their main argument suggests that there is no scientific evidence to prove that these treatments actually work, unlike medical procedures (or medications). Another point that they raise is related to the placebo effect. They believe that in 30% of the cases, the patient's belief in healer's capabilities cures his symptoms, and not the treatment. Another argument refers to the physical distance: how can a remote healer "connect" to the patient, who physically resides in a different part of the world? What is the mean of communication used for diagnosing/healing a patient?

These are all valid questions, which don't have an easy answer. Questions like these explain why the remote treatment method is not suitable for everyone, in fact, there are several "unexplained" (and not based on any scientific research) treatment methods, which show very good results where conventional methods failed.

How is the remote treatment actually performed?

There are several types of healers, as well as many ways to perform a remote healing treatment. Since there is no physical meeting between the healer and the patient, communication is done via the internet/phone, and the treatment is performed by "connecting" to the energy fields of the patient (see the explanation about Bioenergy below).

An example for a remote treatment scenario:

The patient contacts the healer, via mail/phone, provides details about himself and describes his symptoms.

The healer performs a remote diagnosis, to verify that this type of treatment will be effective for this patient. Sometimes, the number of needed treatments can be given at this point.

If a remote treatment can be given, then a treatment can be scheduled via the internet. Payment is performed via the internet.

The treatment is performed at a prescheduled time, when the patient lies down with uninterrupted at home. A typical sensation is usually: warmth, relaxation, energy flow. It varies from one person to another.

In case some issues arise during the treatment, the patient will receive a report, indicating them.

Using tools like Bioenergy (or Biorgonomy), and channeling, it is possible to remotely diagnose, and in many cases, heal the source of many types of symptoms. Although this treatment is effective for most people and many symptoms, there are some situations in which another treatment method is preferred.

The Bioenergy was developed by Mr. Rafi Rosen back in the early 1990's (Israel). Mr. Rosen discovered that our eyes are so sensitive, that they may be used for diagnosing and healing. When sensing an energy field with the hand, the eyes begin to blink. This sensitive tool can be used for diagnosing human body organs (such as blood/nervous/digestive and other systems). When the energy field is strong - the eyes blink rapidly, and when the energy field is weak the eyes hardly blink.

Interestingly enough is the fact that diagnosing using the eyes is mentioned in the bible Psalms, chapter 11. Translation: "The lord with his great holiness, on his holy chair, his eyes will visualize and diagnose human beings".

Every disease is reflected in the body by energy imbalance (higher or lower energy levels than normal). Since the imbalance appears first in the energy-body, it can be detected and balanced using the Bioenergy tools. The balanced energy flow is then projected back to the physical body and heals it.

Since the diagnosis and treatment are energy fields related, and energy IS universal (not bound to physical time/location restrictions), this treatment may be sent all over the planet, and even heal traumas from the past. For example, a person who is afraid of water, may suffer from this inhibiting fear since the age of 4 years old, while at this time he accidently fell into a swimming pool, and almost drowned. Healing such a phenomenon, may be referred to as magic - as the past trauma may sometimes be "erased" from the person's energy body, and fade away.
Channeling is used during the remote treatment, as a tool for quickly diagnosing the source behind a patient's symptoms. This is similar to using blood tests, CT and X-rays in the conventional medicine.

Some of the remote treatment advantages are:

  • The treatment may be given to infants, children and adults.
  • It is possible to diagnose and heal the root cause of various symptoms, which are sometimes being missed out by conventional medical system.
    The treatment is performed in the most convenient location - at home, or any other place of choice and at a pre scheduled time.
  • The treatment series can be given even if the patient is on a vacation, or on a business trip.
  • There is no need to get up and leave when the treatment is over, and the patient is still in a deep/relaxed state.

The important point to keep in mind regarding the remote treatment, is that sometimes there may be a "non conventional" solution for unexplained pain, fears or other symptoms. This solution may be within reach, but one must keep an open mind in order to consider it. Some of these treatment solutions can even reach the patient's doorstep, and heal him… wherever he is.

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