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Develop Your Remote Viewing with Subliminal Messages

By Michael Jura / Source: Real Subliminals

There's an area I've been excitedly looking into recently, and it's subliminal messaging. Been reading a lot about stuff which taps into the subconscious mind and can make changes to the way the brain works.

Subliminal messages are rising in popularity, and I recently found a company offering an album that helps enhance your remote viewing potential.

Naturally intrigued, I read about how it works, and thankfully it was not promising the world, or instant results.

Psychic proof

The way subliminal messaging works generally is to send messages into the brain which bypass your conscious logical thinking function. In this way you can make changes to beliefs, and long held negative thoughts.

This works much in the same way as hypnosis, but with a more gradual effect. It is not a miracle solution to your problems, and won't help you reach your goals overnight as Hollywood might make you believe, however it will gradually align your subconscious mind to your conscious goals.

This will give you an advantage and a boost towards your goal – essentially making sure that your entire body, mind, and subconscious mind are all aligned and working towards the same goal.

In the same way then, their remote viewing training album helps to enhance your remote viewing – it won't do everything for you.

You still need to do your exercises and put in the time to practice, but with continued use it's designed to align your mind to help give you a head-start and an advantage towards your practice. Specifically, the messages will enter your mind to:

  • Heighten your senses and expand your awareness to help your ability to remote view.
  • Clear your mind to improve the quality of the information you receive and your ability to understand it.
  • Help you to gain a higher level of discipline towards your practice.
  • Keep you focused so your mind is less likely to wander, or even fall asleep.
  • Increase your ability to accurately interpret each session.

If this sounds interesting, but you're new to subliminal messaging then you can try their FREE Deep Calm album.

It will give you a taste of subliminal audio and you can see how it works first hand. Or you can get started straight away with their Remote Viewing Training Album.

Hope you find this information useful, and that it answers many relevant questions I've been getting. :)

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