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Reverse Engineering Machines for Mind Reading and Psychological Influencing from Extraterrestrial UFOs

India Daily

The experimentation is going on for many years. Major super powers worry the effects of these machines on the head of the states of their countries. Many say stock markets are controlled and financial transactions are influenced by the use of these machines.

What are they?

These are machines that attempt to read and control minds and create psychological influences on people. These machines can remotely measure brain activities through electromagnetic pulses generated by the brain in a very strange low frequency level. UFO researchers say, the technology evolved from studying the secret communication techniques of the extraterrestrials.

Many conventional researchers are working on similar technologies in many countries. Remote Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a hot declassified research technique for finding visual patterns a subject can see or has chosen to focus on.

But real mind reading and influencing the mind lies in finding the electromagnetic pulses emanating from a human brain and communicating in the same frequency. Some believes, communication with a brain disabled coma patient is possible through these means. These electromagnetic pulses are also known as pattern of consciousness and can be accessed through spiritual techniques.

Hypnosis attempts to generate these electromagnetic pulses through various means to influence and overcome the power of the mind. The extraterrestrials have much higher power of controlling the mind, communicating directly to the mind without ant speech mechanisms.

The electromagnetic pulses when sent though specific resonance frequencies to the brain no matter how remote they are, the mind can be influenced, some researchers say. The reverse engineering of this technology is still very crude and cannot be applied without enormous risk. But the technology is being harnessed and will be used for good as well as bad.

The biggest problem is that the electromagnetic pulses generated by an individual brain are channeled differently than another individuals. Our subconscious minds are all connected through a common channel. But to influence artificially involved finding that common channel.

Many believes, psychics are able to generate these pulses in the proper channel and read others mind as well sometimes influence people. All of us have the strange ability to look into the future and even some possess the uncanny ability to predict what someone else will do. That is what makes a great politician, sports athlete and so on – the common name for that is intuition.

Machines are able to channel the electromagnetic pulses in the proper channel to a brain and read the pulses from the brain. That is the basic method used by the extraterrestrials to communicate to the human beings and perhaps influence human too!

SOURCE: India Daily

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