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Reverse Speech and the Soul

By David John Oates / Source: ReverseSpeech.com

The study of Reverse Speech is the study of unconscious messages embedded backwards into the sounds of our speech. If human speech is recorded and played backwards, approximately once every 30 seconds very clear messages can be heard amongst the gibberish. These messages communicate information from many levels of the psyche.

On the surface level they will reveal conscious thoughts at the time of speaking. If someone is lying forwards, the truth may be revealed in reverse. If they are deleting pertinent information from their forward speech, this information may likewise be communicated in Reverse Speech. At deeper levels Reverse Speech can reveal the causes of physical disease and unwanted behavioral patterns. Sometimes it can give specific instructions about what can be done to cure, or bring relief from, the disease or behavioral pattern.

At even deeper levels still, Reverse Speech will give us advice and instructions concerning our life and life decisions. At this level it is the spirit itself communicating through Reverse Speech. This voice is sometimes called the small still voice within. We currently attempt to access this inner voice through altered states of consciousness such as prayer, meditation or hypnosis. With Reverse Speech we are able to actually hear this voice speaking to us in an audible form.

On one occasion, a Reverse Speech Practitioner was seeking guidance from his Reverse Speech by recording his voice as he discussed his current business and financial situation. When he played the tape backwards, he heard a very clear message that said, "You’re frightened, lean on me." In this case it was his spirit speaking to him essentially saying, I know you are frightened and concerned but all you have to do is to lean on and trust in me (his spirit).

In another instance when I was working with a client I asked my client what he would have to do to enhance his life. A reversal occurred on me that said, "Believe the spirit." Thus the spirit is a voice of guidance that can be trusted.

Many times Reverse Speech will discuss the human soul. In fact, the state and nature of the soul is a very strong theme in Reverse Speech. Reverse Speech always references the Soul in the third person and describes the Soul and Spirit as two separate entities. The spirit is the active part of our nature and intuition. It speaks in reverse, often in the first person, and gives us guidance and advice concerning our life. The soul, on the other hand has different and far wider functions.

On the surface level the soul acts as a storage bank. It collects and stores all of our life experiences recording them for all time. One time, when we were making a recording about the soul, we found a reversal that said. "Rome’s secretary." Reverse Speech often uses metaphoric language and Rome is a common metaphor meaning our own personal world and life. Thus the Soul, in this instance, describes itself as being the secretary or record keeper of our life events. These life events remain with the soul forever beyond our current lifetime. This is evidenced by a reversal I found on a client that said, "Soul, I’ll live forever." This reversal also confirms the endlessness of life.

It is very important to understand this function of the Soul because as it keeps records of our life it also takes on those life characteristics. Thus the Soul can be affected by our thoughts and actions. Reverse Speech describes the soul as having many different states depending on our life events. It can be happy. It can be sad. It can angry or upset. It can be diseased or healthy, all depending on how we live our life and the experiences we choose to have.

I found a reversal on a client once, as she talked about learning to help people, that said, "The soul, it’s sharing the force on this." Her soul was being affected by her thoughts and desires, and sharing the energy and experiences she was having. Another client, who was talking about being secure and happy in the world, had a reversal that said, "The soul whirlwind." Whirlwind is a common metaphor and means energy or life force. My client was therefore saying he was feeling positive energy from his soul

At the other end of the spectrum, one of my clients, while describing a life of debauchery and excess, had a speech reversal that said "Angry Soul." Another client who was talking about pain and depression in her life had a reversal that said, "Its in my soul." Thus the pain she was feeling was also being experienced on the soul level. Another reversal, found on myself while talking to a client, said "The lawless have wrath on the soul."

Clearly then, the soul can be damaged and it is not the pure untainted entity that many of us have believed to be true. In fact Reverse Speech goes even one step further than this, and says that the state of our soul directly affects the life that we live and the experiences that we attract to us.

One client, who was discussing pain and depression in his life, had a speech reversal that said "My soul give the pain." And yet another client who lived her life from one crisis to the next had a reversal that said "Your soul will feed the worries." A similar reversal was also found on a man who was searching in vain for meaning in life. It said, "Your soul gives the hurt."

These speech reversals suggest that not only is the soul affected by our life circumstances, but it actually creates and attracts to us the experiences it has stored. This is a very important truth that Reverse Speech communicates. It explains why some people seem to have disasters follow them everywhere they go while other people seem to have success and happiness all the time.

The Soul is an active living force. It collects and stores our life experiences then reflects these experiences back to us as it creates our life circumstances to allow these experiences to reoccur.

I found a reversal on a client that graphically illustrates this. She was talking forwards about the nature of the soul and had a speech reversal that said, "Beyond its mess, it seals the law solid." This metaphoric statement reveals that at a deeper level of the soul, beyond the junk and mess that we have fed it over the years, there is a force of creation that "seals the law solid." In Reverse Speech "law" represents our behavioral patterns and beliefs. "Seal" is to secure or make something happen. Thus to seal the law solid means to manifest into physical reality the patterns and beliefs that we have carried with us and fed to our soul.

The knowledge of this one simple fact, when taken and understood, can greatly change our lives. For a start we need to be very careful about the things we say, think and do, because each thought and action is being recorded by the soul for future dissemination. To wallow in depression will only create more depression. To do bad deeds to others will only teach the soul that it is bad deeds that we wish to receive and so it will be. If our life is dysfunctional it is because the soul has recorded that that is what we want and so it faithfully creates more dysfunction in our lives.

The secret to a wholesome successful life, therefore, is to make a conscious decision to seek out those life experiences that will "program" the soul to enable this to happen.

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