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How to Rewire Your Subconscious Mind to Lose Weight

Source: Real Subliminals

Go to any gym in the first week of January and it is packed out -- - you can barely move in there, and have to wait your turn for each machine. It is full of people getting started on their new years resolution to lose weight and get fit... however, go back just a couple of weeks later and you will likely only find half as many people at the same gym.

Why is it that so many people start with good intentions yet fail to follow through or stick to their weight loss plans?

You have probably been there yourself -- - something happens, perhaps you step on the scales and are shocked at your weight and this motivates you to step into action, to make a resolution and a plan to lose weight -- - whether it is eating healthier, dieting, or doing some exercise. The first few days, or the first few sessions at the gym are great -- - you feel fantastic, invigorated, motivated... but then the initial excitement starts to wear off... you weigh yourself again and there is no change... you have a cheat meal to comfort yourself... before long you have slipped back to your old ways.

If only we could keep this initial level of excitement, this buzz for longer -- think of the results we would achieve if we kept this level of commitment forever.

So Why Don't We?

Well, it all relates back to your subconscious mind and how you have been programmed over the years.

You have 2 out of the 3 required elements for success -- - conscious thought (i.e. wanting to lose weight, and making a conscious effort to plan what to do), and conscious action (i.e. starting your diet, or visiting the gym etc), but you are missing the support of your subconscious mind -- - it is not aligned to your goals -- - deep down there are negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and negative patterns of behaviour which hold you back, stop you from sticking to your weight loss plans, and make you go back to your old, familiar habits.

The number one reason people fail is because they neglect to make changes in their subconscious mind to support their conscious goals. Their subconscious minds let them down and hold them back.

This is something that happens to us all to some degree, it is part conditioning, part formation of our habits, and part defense mechanism. For example -- - if you are overweight it is likely that you have been for some time -- - you have long established patterns of thinking about food, patterns of behavior concerning exercise, beliefs, likes and dislikes about food and exercise, all of which you are familiar with, and are normal to you.

Breaking these patterns of behavior and changing your thought processes can be difficult. On a subconscious level you are comfortable, secure, and safe with your current behaviour patterns -- - your subconscious mind resists these changes as it goes against what it knows, and it does this to protect you. A big change in your life leaves you exposed, venerable, and susceptible to larger failure -- - if it can revert you back to your regular patterns of thinking and behaviour (which it sees as efficient and normal) then it is protecting you.

This is good in some situations -- - perhaps where your subconscious mind would trigger fear and nerves in the face of danger or risk -- - to stop you from falling off a cliff edge, or doing something extreme which could get you hurt... however when these same subconscious principles are applied in a weight loss or personal change setting they can be damaging -- they can stop you from making a positive change.

How to Rewire Your Subconscious Mind!

There are several ways you can target and rewire your subconscious mind and your inner most beliefs, but one of the most effective, and a method which is growing in popularity is the use of subliminal audio.

Subliminal audio might have a reputation for being a little mysterious, but it is a simple concept really. It works on the principle of spoken positive affirmations -- but they are recorded and moved to a higher sound frequency so you don't audibly hear the suggestions -- however they do get captured on the edge of your perception by your subconscious mind, and they are processed and stored as normal.

In this way your subconscious mind is rewired from the inside out -- gradually and naturally, and just like using hypnosis or saying positive affirmations yourself the changes do last.

In regards to weight loss specifically subliminal messages will increase your belief that you can lose weight, they will make you feel different -- like this time it is for real, that you will stick to your plans. They will keep your motivated for longer, make you enjoy and look forward to the exercise, and strengthen your willpower to help you resist temptations and stay committed. They will basically start to instill in you the types of beliefs shared by people who naturally eat healthily, who are not tempted by fatty food, and who enjoy exercising.

Once you have these types of beliefs and ways of thinking your efforts will be transformed and you will lose the weight naturally and be able to keep it off for good.

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