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Be A Rich Monk -
4 Crazy Misconceptions About the Spiritual Life

By Karl Moore, Creator of The Brain Salon

Northern Thailand, 2006.

I'm sitting in an ancient monastery by myself. Soaking up the atmosphere.

In front of me, young Buddhist monks are gathering in clusters for their meditative practice. They each wear bright orange robes.

I sit around. Observing their rites and traditions for hours. It's both peaceful and insightful. It makes you go to a place inside and question yourself.

Near the end of my day, one of the monastery leaders came up to me. He was the traditional wise Zen master. His robe was a deep orange, apparently a sign of his maturity and experience within this Buddhist community.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" he asked.

It's true. I'd gone there with questions in my head. At the time, I was battling with two seemingly competing principles.

Firstly -- Money.

Yes, I live in the west. And as a modern-day realist, I know that money actually makes things happen.

Money can't buy you happiness. But it can certainly buy you a lot of therapy, as one someone famously suggested. And a lack of it can very easily bring on sadness.

But my desire for wealth seemed to conflict with something else...

Secondly -- Spiritual Growth.

How can you be spiritual and honest and authentic and true, while still having that western money mindset?

Didn't personal growth mean giving up wordly possessions? Surely money was a bad thing, a need you should outgrow?

Two very seemingly conflicting ideas, all bubbling around in my head...

I explained some of this to the Zen monk. After a while, he pointed to my head.

"All your problems are up there," he said. "Entirely in your mind."

"So, what's the solution?" I asked. And yes, I felt like a tourist.

But what he said next has stuck with me ever since.

"Be a rich monk!" he laughed.

Be a rich monk........

He was saying that we often hold crazy misconceptions in our heads...

We think we need a big epiphany to become self-realized. We think that number 13 is genuinely unlucky, and have experiences to prove it.

We think we can't be rich... and be spiritually developed.

Does that sound like you?

Are crazy linked beliefs holding YOU back?

Drop these silly, limiting self-beliefs. They just don't serve you. They only ever tie you up and stop you from experiencing true joy in your life.

You're being limited by "buggy" brain programming. You CAN be a rich monk!

To help you start the process, I'd like to share with you a chapter from my book The Secret Art of Self-Development: 16 Little Known Rules for Total Freedom and Happiness. Enjoy!

4 Crazy Misconceptions about the Spiritual Life

The self-development world is a wonderful place.

But it's full of crazy misconceptions. Silly ideas about things that you must do or must experience in order to become truly self-realized.

This section is about realizing that these firm ideas are really nothing more than urban myths. It'll help you stop getting caught up in your own limited thoughts – and speed you down the freedom freeway.

To get started, let me tell you about a friend I have in London called Jin.

Now Jin is on the self-development journey. He's a seeker. He's looking for something.

Speaking to me just last week, he bemoaned: "I can't believe it. I've tried everything and nothing works. I've just left a month long self-development workshop in the States – and I still don't feel right. I've simply not had that big bang moment yet!"

Whoah. Crazy Misconception #1 In Progress.

You do not need an epiphany in order to enjoy freedom and the results of self-development. You do not need to be dramatically healed, or see an angel, or feel just so different.

Many people in the self-development are waiting – as Jin put it – for that big bang.

Until that occurs, they don't feel fixed.

Drop the foolishness. You don't need – and probably won't get – an epiphany. Get over it, and be free as you are right now.

Which leads us on to Crazy Misconception #2:

You can't be fixed, because you aren't broken.

Many individuals that enter the world of self-development feel bad or wrong or poisoned in some way. They feel they've been broken – and that they need to be fixed.

Well, you are not broken. You're already whole and perfect as you are right now. There's absolutely nothing you need to change. You're only feeling limited by the limiting thoughts you hold in mind.

So stop trying to fix yourself. You are not broken.

Moving on to Crazy Misconception #3:

Spiritual people give up their possessions.

Uhm. Sorry?

Many people in the world have the misguided belief that in order to be fully realized, they must give up their worldly goods. They consider gifting their home to a Buddhist retreat and spending the rest of their lives meditating in a remote
wooden hut.

Well, realize that it doesn't have to be that way.

You can be 100% spiritual and self-developed and free – while still living and operating in the modern world. It's the way of the cosmopolitan self-developed warrior.

The idea that you shouldn't have both cash and spiritual fulfillment is both antiquated and just plain wrong.

We all know that money can't buy you happiness. But it can certainly make things much easier.

So, be a living example of breaking that urban myth – and be a
rich monk.

And that takes us to Crazy Misconception #4:

You must meditate in order to be self-realized.

No way!

This is one of those crazy ideas perpetuated by hardcore Sedona residents that want nothing more but to sit in a circle and "Ohm" all day long. Personally, I indulge in some meditation – but getting my mind into a near lifeless state is something I'd prefer to reserve for when I'm dead.

If you want to meditate, then meditate. If you don't, then don't.

There's absolutely no reason you must meditate in order to truly discover your own freedom.

(If you're interested in meditation, I heartily recommend the Brain Evolution System as an'‘advanced' meditation program. It's based on scientific brainwave research.)

So, let's quickly review.

You don't need an epiphany. You're not broken. You don't need to throw away all of your money. You don't have to meditate.

And this is just the beginning.

Think about your life right now.

What other rules, myths, superstitions, are you allowing to be imposed on your thinking?

What other things are you telling yourself that you must do in order to get where you're going?

What other rituals are you undertaking, just because others say that's what should be done?

Where are the beliefs you're subscribing to right now? And have you questioned them recently?

Do you avoid walking under ladders? Do you get nervous saying "Beetlejuice" thrice? Do you get worried about detail after swearing on somebody's life? Perhaps you're even a little nervous about this rule… Rule #13.

Drop the weird beliefs. They don't serve you.

Release, and set yourself free of your self-created prison. Stop following the crazy rules, follow your bliss, and you'll be a self-developed, spiritually fulfilled, rich monk. And a better person for it.

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