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Six Magic Words That Will Change Everything

How To Rearrange & Upgrade Your Prosperity DNA With The Surprising Power Of Sounds.

Source: The Prosperity Formula Report

What if every obstacle that has ever sabotaged your wealth or success – like an unfulfilling job, the roller coaster economy, or your own limiting beliefs…

Could be overcome by just saying these 6 words out loud?





Lakshmi yei.


These words form an ancient Sanskrit mantra used for thousands of years for prosperity and wellbeing.

But you don’t need any spiritual or religious beliefs to use them. Because they are just 6 of the countless words in various languages, containing a vibrational ‘blueprint’ that can rearrange your DNA!

As you’re about to see, science has proven this. And when you apply it in your life, remarkable changes happen.

Your habits transform for the better… your thoughts and emotions become more positive… your performance at work improves…

And all fears and insecurities you’ve ever had about money melt away, as you begin drawing powerful coincidences into your life: like specific people and opportunities that propel you towards your highest truths.

You will experience all these remarkable effects, just by SAYING these words while you’re in a certain state of mind.

How can sounds alone carry so much power?

Just like symbols, the truth about sounds will expand your consciousness. (And your bank account!)

You see according to the Rigveda – the world’s oldest spiritual text – sounds are built from elementary particles, which are in turn made from microscopic strands of energy. (A claim modern science now also supports through models like String Theory.)

All sounds have energetic blueprints tied to them: triggers that can induce a certain emotion, visualization or action in the person who hears them.

And so those who subscribe to ancient wisdom often believe in reciting specific words every day as a ‘lubricant’ for ongoing prosperity.

This is where the popular concept of Mantras comes from!

Speaking of Mantras, I’m sure you’ve heard of the world’s most widely spoken Mantra, the one many people use when they meditate:


Think about that word for a second.

When you start saying the first letter, the ‘A’, your mouth is fully open…

When you get to the ‘U’, your mouth is half open…

And when you get to the ‘M’, your mouth is fully closed.

There’s a reason for that: it’s because AUM represents the very concept of openness and closure – of the beginning and end of the Universe itself.

The power of sound and words is even clearly illustrated in the Bible.

Remember the very first sentence from the Gospel of John?

“In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God.”

By themselves, these facts are compelling. But when you also start exploring sounds in the context of science and linguistics… it becomes crystal clear why they can have such a profound effect on your wealth and prosperity.

Studies have shown that many sounds – even if you don’t yet know their meanings – will resonate in different parts of your mind and nervous system, and create specific outcomes in your behavior or performance.

Why? Because you’re reacting to them on a vibrational and molecular level.

This is why you can hear a song in a foreign language, and still feel your soul moved by it.

And then of course you have the famous Law of Attraction: the theory that energy attracts energy.

This works perfectly in the context of sounds too: because the positive sounds you make will echo outwards…

And will naturally attract positive people and outcomes into your life. How? The answer is nothing short of mind-blowing…

The Prosperity FormulaAccept this ~ Prosperity Offering ~ in good health.

If you’re not absolutely satisfied with the wealth & success in your current reality...

Or if there’s a particular obstacle sabotaging your prosperity,

Like debt... a career rut... or even your own self-destructive beliefs...

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It's a free training manual called the Prosperity Formula.

Personal growth communities across the world are raving about it.

Because in this PDF you’ll discover a fascinating way to reprogram your ‘Prosperity DNA’:

The internal building blocks that determine the people… opportunities… ideas... and even ‘coincidences’ that enter your life.

You’ll be surprised when you discover the sheer impact YOU have on what enters your reality.

And you’ll be blown away when you realize YOU have the power to redefine everything.

More specifically you'll learn:

  • 6 ancient power words containing a vibrational 'blueprint' that can rearrange your DNA and turn you into a prosperity magnet.

  • Two invisible forces surrounding you every day, that are quietly influencing your abundance on a molecular level (and how to get them working for you instead of against you).

  • A stunning study by Russian molecular biologists that reveals how this seemingly innocent thing you do every day could be severely affecting your ability to attract wealth.

  • A mysterious 12,000-year-old manifesting symbol that alters your brainwaves just by looking at it (and how to harness this strange phenomenon to attract prosperous 'coincidences' towards you).

  • A selection of the little-known wealth attraction 'tricks' used by some of the world's most successful people from Oprah Winfrey to Deepak Chopra to Russell Simmons.

Download your free Prosperity Formula PDF - and start reprogramming your Prosperity DNA.

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