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How to Program Your Mind While You Sleep

By Hale Carlton
Creator of
Sleep Programming

Hello, my name is Hale Carlton – and I'd like to give you a very warm welcome to this site.

Now, if there's one thing I know about – it's how to “program” the mind!

I'm the former CEO of the Australian brainwave giant “Deep Brainwaves Inc” – and the man behind the brainwaves in many products, such as The Meditation Program and Subliminal CDs.

I've also been involved in creating and preparing material for tools such the Brainwave Generator. I even received a degree in Advanced Neurotechnology.

I'm an authority in the world of mind technology – and that's why I not only recognize the power of sleep programming, but I also developed the program I'm about to discuss with you.

But before all of that, let's ask a question.


Sleep programming is a technique of feeding powerful suggestions to your mind while you sleep, reprogramming your thoughts at the deepest possible level.

And the crazy thing is that you already know how powerful it is.

Let me tell you why.

Think about hypnosis. It's perhaps the world's most widely-accepted method of self-change. The principles are simple: you get super-relaxed and enter a receptive state of mind, while the hypnotherapist feeds suggestions to your mind.

Yes – People experience BIG CHANGE with hypnosis.

But it's limited.

Limited to one hour. On an uncomfortable therapist chair. Trying to relax. Fighting itches and eye twitching. Not being able to fully relax. Getting those sudden heart thumps.

Hypnosis can help people experience dramatic change. However, it isn't the most powerful technique. It's like going out for a drive in a Kia, when you could be sitting in a Mercedes.

Sleep Programming does the exact same job as hypnosis – but for every single hour that you're asleep!

Think about it.

When are you most relaxed? When is your mind totally open to suggestion? When are you entering those deep, deep, suggestible Delta brainwave states that the hypnotherapist only dreams of getting you into?

Only when you're in bed – asleep!

Sleep Programming is like attending an extremely powerful eight hour hypnosis session every single night. It's powerful – and it's been thoroughly proven too!

There's a whole branch of science known as “hypnopedia”, which documents the influence of commands while you sleep. The US Government even use the technique to teach morse code to military recruits while they sleep.

It works.

The only question is: Are you taking advantage?

The Best Kept Secret in the Self-Development Industry

Sleep Programming is perhaps the best kept secret in the self-development industry. And you know something?

It's so simple that you could put some of the techniques behind Sleep Programming to practice yourself, and begin reprogramming your own mind – tonight.

You could begin very simply – by recording your own affirmations, and playing them on loop while you fall to sleep.

Of course, there are a few pitfalls: most people don't respond well to their own voice; you need to be extremely careful when wording your affirmations; and, you can't incorporate advanced techniques, such as inductions, binaural beats, monaural beats, and so on.

But you could literally begin tonight – without anything else.

Over the past 6 years, I've helped to research and refine various sleep programming techniques, via our audio labs based in Australia.

I've seen thousands of individuals from across the globe use this technology to begin making rapid change in their lives – without any effort whatsoever.


In fact, I'd say it's the most powerful personal development tool I've stumbled across in my entire 30 years of working in the self-growth industry.

(And I don't say that about ANY OTHER product or service. ONLY Sleep Programming!)

That's why last year, I started working on the development of the WORLD'S FIRST Sleep Programming CD range.

I'm talking about a small collection of audio recordings designed to help assist in KEY AREAS of your life... such as SELF-CONFIDENCE... INTELLIGENCE... WEIGHT LOSS... and more.

Each of our powerful Sleep Programming sessions contain:

ADVANCED Mind Programming Scripts – Just listen as the words take you into a deep slumber, then send commands direct to your mind – reprogramming your thoughts at the deepest possible level. Incorporates direct commands, hypnotic language, NLP and visualization.

POWERFUL Atmospheric Music from Max Adronov - Each recording contains specially composed music from world-leading producer, Max Andronov. Sit back and allow your mind to get absorbed into the sounds – taking you to far away places in just minutes!

SPECIALLY DESIGNED Brainwave Technology - Your mind will always be in a receptive state for the messages, thanks to the “binaural beat” and “monaural beat” brainwave technology used on each CD. This is EXTREMELY POTENT, and works with or without headphones!

Yes – these are the MOST ADVANCED Sleep Programming recordings ever produced.

And they're EASY to USE too. Simply play the CD on loop as your fall asleep. There's nothing extra you need to do. Just relax – and let the recording do ALL of the hard work for you!

Each recording will literally begin reprogramming your inner thoughts - changing your life from the inside, starting on the VERY FIRST NIGHT you use them. And after that, the RESULTS just get BETTER and BETTER.

You're converting your eight hours of sleep into a fully-fledged, completely relaxing, totally enjoyable HYPNOSIS SESSION.

Sleep Programming - $1 Trial and 50% off

I've arranged for a 10 day trial ... and it'll cost just $1.

Download the program instantly. Put it to work TONIGHT. See results for yourself. If you don't, e-mail support saying you don't want it... and you won't pay a penny more, no questions asked.

Keep it, and you'll pay the discounted rate of just $64.97... 50% off the price that thousands of other people have paid -- and continue to pay, every day.

Here's the website if you want to learn more -- but DON'T order from there.

Instead, go HERE for the $1 trial and 50% sale price...