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How to Develop a Hypnotic Sleeper Agent

By Dantalion Jones / Masters of Mind Control

Amid all the conspiracy theories one of the most feared is that there exist "sleeper agents" in our society who are programmed to come into service when they are triggered by a phone call or key word.

These alleged sleeper agents don't even know they are programmed to become saboteurs, soldiers, suicide bomber, etc because of the thoroughness of their programming. They are the feared "Manchurian Candidate" that the movies portray.

The question is "Are they real?"

If they are true sleeper agents there is no way of telling until they are activated.  One can however theorize exactly how they are made.


Using indoctrination a person can be made to embrace a religious or philosophical belief that would make becoming a sleeper agent possible.

This would be a person so committed to an ideal they would be willing to wait patiently as a member of society until they are called into action.  These people would know their mission and consciously hold it secret while interacting with the rest of society.


Conditioning is a repetitive process where the desired responses are enforced and rewarded and unwanted responses are punished.  This can be done consciously as part of training drill and it can be done subconsciously using hypnosis or drugs to create amnesia.


It has been demonstrated that hypnosis can create "amnesia walls" in which the subject has no conscious memory of what happened in the hypnosis session.  It has further been demonstrated that hypnosis can give post hypnotic instruction to be carried out automatically in the waking state without the subject knowing it or questioning the behavior.

What follows is conjecture and theory based on testimonials of people who were alleged to be sleeper agents and soldiers.

Continuous Supervisions

Continuous supervision doesn't mean that the subject is cut off completely from society.  It means that they are constantly overseen and every aspect of their lives are managed (without their knowledge or consent) to support their hypnotic programming.

This would include

• Repeated reinforcement of all hypnotic conditioning.

• Handlers. Handlers are people who help maintain the subjects environment to maintain all the programming. They can play the role of family, friends, lovers, psychologists, coaches or any roll the subject perceives as supportive. The truth is the handlers are their to support the successful fulfillment of the programming and not the subject as a person.

• Minimal sleep so that the mind/brain does not process all the sleeper conditioning during sleep.

• Creating constant environmental challenges like unemployment or poverty. This gives the subject something other than their programming to focus on.

• Frequent hospitalization. This gives overt opportunity to sedate the subject for conditioning. If the subject has a history of hospitalizations for mental disturbances all the better. No one will take them seriously.


There is minimal evidence for implants and what they are alleged to do.  Allegedly an implant in the brain will assist the programming and help maintain "amnesia walls".

There are also alleged implants that will enhance physical strength and speed.
Other implants could simply be self destruct devises that would produce brain hemorrhage by remote activation.


Drugs can serve several functions.

• A class of drugs called hypnotics can bring the subject to the ideal state for hypnotic conditioning.

• Other drugs can help maintain amnesia walls.

• Dependency on drugs can make the subject dependent on the doctor or psychiatrist who is acting as their handler.  This ensures the subject shows up to receive their prescription while unknowingly getting their training as a sleeper agent.

• The presents of a drug can prevent activation of any programming. The subject can then be separated from the drug and activated. This can act as a fail safe for activation.

Dantalion Jones is the author of Mind Control 101.

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