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New Reality Creation Software Merges Science & Spirituality

By Tom Murasso, Creator of The Sourxe

I recently read where scientists discovered one tiny atom's behavior replicates the entire universe. Incredible!

Each atom – there are billions upon billions of them – creates alternative universes, time lines, and parallel realities where duplicates of you and me (and everyone else) are living simultaneous, yet... different lives.

And that's the keyword... 'different' lives!

Hey, most of us dream, at one point or another, that our lives were different. Right?

And you can see why this discovery explains why some people are successful and some are not. Some are rich or poor. Why some enjoy health and some are sick. Why some have great relationships, etc., etc. They were able to access a different reality!

Apparently, where we place our focus has everything to do with it.

So, how exactly do you focus on an alternative universes and parallel realities?

I sure can't remember anyone teaching me that in school...

Well the good news is, someone HAS discovered a way to jump the time lines into parallel realities...

Here's a short video explaining everything...

The Sourxe

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