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Precognitive Stock Market Dreamers

By Randall Fitzgerald
Phenomena Senior Editor

Have you ever had a dream about stock market investing that came true and earned you a significant sum of money?

If so, you may qualify to become a member of a prosperous and exclusive club of precognitive dreamers who intuit the movement of individual stocks and the market as a whole, then share their dreams with each other on a website.

Prospective members are first evaluated by a retired chemical engineer, Walt Stover of Arizona, who founded the stock precognition group in 1998. Its original members came from the Association for Research and Enlightenment based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the organization dedicated to a study of information from the Edgar Cayce readings.

After screening by Stover, prospects then must share at least three stock market dreams with the group, now numbering 21 persons. Their dream performance helps to determine whether they will be admitted to the group.

In a recent interview with me, Stover revealed some details about their individual and group success in tracking the market. During 2002, for instance, the group had nearly a dozen dreams that were interpreted to be bullish about the market’s overall performance in 2003. In response, Stover invested heavily in stocks that he selected from his own dreams and held onto them throughout that year.

Stover’s stock portfolio performance in 2003 turned out, in his words, “to be staggeringly profitable.” The stocks he selected for his IRA increased in value by 52 percent. Other members of the group also reaped huge profits, though they are normally reticent about touting their successes to each other.

In early 2004, five members of the group had memorable dreams in which they saw oil prices rising sharply and suddenly. Most group members promptly bought oil futures, and when oil prices surged a few weeks later, they saw the value of their futures increase by 400 percent.

As a group these dreamers are somewhat diverse, though only three of the 21 are women. Most live in the U.S., two in Australia, four in Canada, and range in age from 30 to their late 70’s. Four have Ph.D.’s, one is a nurse, one a massage therapist, a construction superintendent, and a chiropractor, while most of the rest are retired from corporate or military professions.

Their techniques for ‘incubating’ precognitive stock and commodity market dreams may vary, but their interpretation of dream imagery closely tracks the ‘theme’ approach used by Edgar Cayce when he was alive. This involves taking the entire dream and condensing it down to a central theme that can be summarized in one sentence.

The distinction of being the most successful dreamer among group members, at least in terms of achieving millionnaire status from a single dream, belongs to Dr. Arthur Bernard, a psychologist who teaches dreamwork to mental health professionals at seminars across the nation.

Dr. Bernard had a recurring dream about an obscure Biotech stock called ICOS, in which he saw the stock selling at $4 a share until it suddenly exploded in value. He trusted that this dream was precognitive because of how vivid and haunting it felt, and because he had encountered precognitive dreams before among his patients when he had worked as a therapist.

Eventually he bought about 40,000 shares of ICOS, using his entire life savings, at a time when the stock was priced in the $4 range. It soon became a gold mine. When he sold the shares in 1998, they were worth $28 each, which works out to about $1.6 million in profits.

If you decide to seek membership in this exclusive dream club, prepare to have your precognitive and intuitive abilities quickly tested. For the rest of you who are just curious, you can still access the group’s website at:

Randall Fitzgerald conducts his own research into precognition, dreams, intuition, and luck at

Source: Phenomenon Magazine

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